Nicole Pucci

Nicole Pucci

A clear, youthful voice with optional side of fry. What a deal! Discord for casting inquiries only, please.

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About Nicole Pucci

Nicole is the versatile voice behind both Asterell and Gordrak in Legacy of the Dragonborn, Naranzu in Death Consumes All, and Camille in Kiss of War. She specializes in character acting and emotional reads.

Nicole lives and works in the Pacific Northwest, where the excessive rain makes it all too easy to stay indoors and make strange sounds at a microphone all day. In her spare time she enjoys karate, tabletop, and fixing her broken Skyrim mods.

Nicole's voice is not to be used for AI datasets or training in any form. Thank you for understanding.

Michael Karl Studio - 2023

Instructed by Jessie Brownie

For the most part I follow GVAA pricing guidelines, though I'm open to negotiation on smaller projects.

What Nicole Pucci is looking for

I am best suited to character acting for video games and animation, or in anything that requires a more dynamic emotional range.