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About Nero Sakamaki

Hi! I am Nero Sakamaki, a voice actress (in Japanese) / singer (English and Japanese) / musical composer / musical producer / pianist with a great interest in Japanese animation, video games and music. I enjoy composing orchestral, fantasy, ambient and digital music that are aimed for Japanese games and animation. I hope to bring enjoyment for people through my music and my voice. 

I have had the opportunity to collaborate with others in voice acting projects and had been given job offers in voice acting characters (in Japanese) for different media such as visual novel games. As I really enjoy participating in musical and voice acting projects, I am currently accepting job offers in both music and voice acting areas.


Recent works: 

Character Voice of 護法夏希 / JP visual novel game「泣けない兎」

Please email me at if you have any inquiries (please change the + to @ when you email).

Twitter(X): @ NerochannelVA

Instagram: nerochannelva

YouTube: Anime bluevoice

What Nero Sakamaki is looking for

Voice Acting (Japanese) / Music Compositions (BGM or song) / Singing (Japanese or English)

  • @deleted519758

    Wow. I gotta say, that your voice of the Hedgie is pretty good! Good job^^