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About NDPlayzVA

I have a YouTube channel called RemTheSilent. I am from Australia, born and raised, i dropped out of a couple of schools but graduated at a private school. My father was a senior lecturer of a university that i dropped out of twice. I also have a twitch where i livestream games like VRChat, Final Fantasy XIV, minecraft and many more although i don't stream much or make much content i'm studying in Game Mode: Acting for Video Games

Projects and Roleplays

Opal - An Angel's Amulet

Lachlan - An Angel's Amulet S2 (delayed)

Lucien/Shean - Wynvern's Wings (former)

Benjamin - Crystal Valley High (delayed)

Tristan - The NightForest Camp (former)

King Kita Shinji - The Knights of Asteria

Zyan Tiro - Minecraft Sister Diaries

Lucien - Wynverns Wings 2 (former)

Lucien - Bandit of the night (former)

Hayata - Eternal Love (former)

Eclipse - Moonlight Journal (benched)

Justin - Dragons Divination (on a break)

Closing Credits - 2024

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by Brendan Hunter
Closing Credits - 2024

Game Mode: Acting For Video Games

Instructed by Chris Owaka
  • @kawaiialiceloki

    Me and him just know each other by discord one thing i know about him is that he is caring and nice!!!!