[ 18 Male | He/Him ] [ Singer | Composer | VA ] Hello! I'm Crazychicken, I make music, sing, and do VA (can sing in voices), and VO. Im on spotify and have been on 25+ CCC projects. Based in Calgary Alberta

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About Crazychicken

[ 18 Male | He/Him ] [ Singer | Composer | VA ]

Hi I'm Crazychicken. I want to work on more projects because it's so fun!

Music Composition

I'm a pianist with a passion for music. I have been composing music for 4+ years, though I had a passion for music for 13 years.

Across all streaming platforms (Spotify, iTunes, YT, Amazon, etc.) I have

3 Albums and 3 singles.


I have been singing my heart out ever since I was 6 (around 13 years). My range is Baritenor (E2 - C5). For reference if you dont know ranges, I can do anything from a Micheal Bublé song to Ariana.

Previous Examples of Singing:
I was in a production of Elf Jr The Musical

Centennial High School - 2023

Elf jr The Musical

Instructed by

I was the sole bass vocalist for every ensemble song, so every time you hear the lower register, that's me. My voice was actually so powerful that i was told to tone it down, so you cant hear me in some of the songs.

North Pole Elf Happy All The Time. On the left side "Santa wishes he were Jewish"

New Yorker World's Greatest Dad. Beginning on the left, dark red hoodie

Security One with the ponytail

Fake Santa

New Yorker A Christmas Song. On the left, Blue suit, hat and scarf. Singing starts here

Matthews Same blue suit

Backing Vocals

Backing Vocals There Is A Santa Clause

Matthews In Blue. Beginning of Its the Story of Buddy the Elf

New Yorker Christmas Song (Reprise) singing

Sparklejollytwinklejingely sing DAZZLE! My final high note

Centennial High School - 2022

The Internet is Distract-OH LOOK A KITTEN!

Instructed by

Unfortunately, a public recording of the show was not uploaded, so as much as i hate it, you're just going to need to take my word for it.

I played Facebook and Wikipedia Contributor. Very eccentric, spastic characters. I did exceptionally well and was told by the director that i should really consider pursuing my acting dreams.  


Pricing is negotiable, present a budget and I will give you a statement based on that.

If I take a liking to a project, I may work for cheaper or free(this is my choice aloneI need to see passion and progress for free work to be worth my time)

I will prioritise higher paying jobs, Free work has no guaranteed schedules!

Higher prices are for my honed skills with years of experience.

Average Pricing:

Music Composition (This can vary based on genre and the effort required!):

- Instrumental Covers: Flat rate of $10-$15 + $5-$10 per minute of music

- Original Instrumentals: Flat rate of $15-$20 +$8-$15 per minute of music

- Anbient Tracks: Flat rate of $5-$10 + $5-$8 per minute of music

- Full Songs (boss fights, theme songs): Flat rate of $15-$25 + $5 per minute of music

- Song Writing (lyrics): $20 + $5 per bar


- Regular: Flat rate of $20-$30 + $5 per minute of singing

- Character Matching Singing: Flat rate of $30 + $5- per minute of singing

- Singing as character I voice: Flat rate of $30-$35 + $5-$10 per minute of singing

Voice Acting: Flat rate of $20 + $0.15 per word

Voice Over: Flat rate of $15 + $0.05 per word

What Crazychicken is looking for

• SINGING: Baritenor (E2 - C5) 13+ Years

- I have performed in elf JR The Musical

- I can do runs

Singing is really fun for me, so much so I accidentally over do it!

I'm hoping to post covers on Youtube at some point!


• VOICE ACTING: Beginner, 3 years of experience

I have been performing and acting in theatre productions for 3 years.

I have been taking drama / acting courses, so I have experience!

I have also spent a lot of my time doing funny voices (that I can sing in!)



My music style is very "groovy", stuff you would dance to like swing or funk.

I can switch it up and follow directions, but I have my comfortable spots where I thrive

I can write lyrics, but my ability is dependant on the context

I encourage that you check out me on your preferred streaming service, such as Soundcloud or Spotify 

to get a better read on my musical style and skill


- Serious Hollywood lvl Cinematic pieces

- Anything that falls under the Metal genre



I'm looking for mature competent directors that know what they want!

Be direct, Respectful, Informative and i'll be the employee of your dreams!

Be PASSIONATE about your project!

If you are doing it for fame, or monetary gain, I don't want to be apart of it!

Too many groups crash and burn from misguided intentions



- Calling "important" meetings without anything prepared:

Meeting just for the sake of meeting wastes time and shows lack of confidence!

- Trying to delegate a large team all by yourself:

Have management! Things will go much smoother! Don't bottle-neck your team!

- Everyone being too edgy

Yes.... this has happened enough to show up here

Any work environment is improved with a dose of human decency

  • @brewstertkoopa

    I've worked with Nathan on my animation series, he's a great composer and a really down to earth man, he always kept me updated whenever he made drafts of his work and he knows how to deliver on his work, his music is also pretty upbeat and follows my directions to a T.

  • @itzmiraculousnorman

    Great person to work with! he is so talented and gets his projects done in just a few days or so, I totally recommend you work with this person! looking for a music composer to provide you with a song insturmental? this dude is that guy! :)