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About Mitsy


Name/Pronouns - Mitsy/Sage, they/them or she/her

I'm a beginner voice actor and an intermediate singer!

I'm 13 y/o, and can voice act ages 8-20 (probably could go younger or older but I'm not sure yet)

I can voice act ages 8-20ish female, high to mid-low voice, and possibly young boy.

Fandoms! - Fnaf, ddlc, acnh, sanrio, toh, river city girls

Current top fandom - FNAF


Nothing! I do free work/whatever is listed!

What Mitsy is looking for

Gacha series, Fnaf fan projects or even official games (especially as c.b. or lizzy), indie games, ddlc fan games, honestly anything gacha, a fandom I'm in, or just something related to genres I like. I want to expand my voice-acting talents!