Mr Magnificent

Mr Magnificent

Voice Actor with an interest in the audio engineering side of the business as well

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About Mr Magnificent

Taking classes through CastingCall for both voice acting and audio engineering
Contact on Discord preferably: mrmagnificent

  • @icecoldcolorles

    Mr Magnificent is a dream to work with,

    I was provided many samples, all of which were very, very high quality. If you are in need of very clean, very professional voice samples, I could not recommend them enough. Mr Magnificent is infinitely easy to work with, and understanding to the role to fill. Also, just very fun to work with!!

  • @doverhuh

    Mr Magnificent was apart of my project. He sent the lines on time (which is commendable, considering the short deadline). When i asked for a redo of many lines, he was understanding and made many takes in a short amount of time. I can tell he has a passion for voice acting and I'd recommend him for your project if he auditions for it!