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About Mr_Mike

Hello, I'm Mr_Mike!

I specialize in video editing, and working on "professional" Fandub projects from the series, 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'.

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 Dead Man's Questions Fandub


Dead Man's Questions Fandub was my first big project to test my editing skills!

 DMQ is a short side story focusing on the concept of Ghosts/Spirits having a set of rules to follow. It features the Ghost of Diamond is Unbreakable's villain, Yoshikage Kira, doing assassination work for a mysterious Monk.

This project features the voice talent of, @crunchyfinn, @moodycancer, @buanabi, and @eidowight

(Chapter 1)

(Chapter 2)

(Chapter 3 FINAL)


GioGio's Bizarre Adventure: Devil's Renaissance


GioGio's Bizarre Adventure: Devil's Renaissance is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure 'Fan-Part'!

24 years after the events of Golden Wind,

2025 Pisa, Italia.

The follows the the son of Passione's Boss, Aggio Giovanna. Unknown to him, he has a 'Second Chance' in life to redeem his past soul. An accident caused by Aggio, requires him to take an unfortunate quest to keep all of Passione from knowing the truth of what happened to his father, 

Giorno Giovanna...

  • @moodycancer

    I had the honor of being part of the voice cast for a fandub of Mr_Mike's.
    I appreciate his patience, understanding, and great communication throughout our time tiogether working on this project, from the initial casting to sharing the finished product.
    And speaking of the finished product... Mr_Mike has EXCELLENT editing skills. His work has truly brought the source material to life, with fluid fades, animation, and overall beautiful, original artistic direction.
    Again, it was such an honor to work with a great editor and director, and to be part of such a wonderful rendition of source material I love. If you have the chance to work with Mr_Mike, take it!

  • @buanabi

    Ladies and Gentlemen! This is Mr. Mike. I worked with him on a Jojo DMQ fan dub, and it was a blast! A really nice guy and a hard worker, my expectations at the beginning were mediocre when we started the project, but OOH goodness gracious did he surprise me! The editing of the video and the amount of dedication I saw in the video were heartwarming! It would be a pleasure to work with him again, cause I know that I'll have alot of fun!!

  • @thatshinyeevee32

    Mr_Mike is one of the hardest working creators I've met and it shows in every second of the content he's put out. It's been a pleasure to watch the creation of Dead Man's Questions (and such projects) from the few peeks I got behind the scenes. I can't wait to see what's to come in the future!