Moss Kane

Moss Kane

Voice-Over Artist, Sound Designer, and Dungeon Master

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About Moss Kane

I am a voice-over artist with nearly a decade and a half of experience. I possess the expertise to bring characters and narratives to life with my versatile vocal range. My voice has the power to captivate audiences and keep them engaged. 

In addition to my voice-over work, I am experienced in sound design for live productions and recorded projects. This has given me a meaningful understanding of audio production and the techniques required to create immersive soundscapes that enhance the storytelling experience. 

As the Dungeon Master for the Dungeons and Dragons podcast, DnDeez Nuts, I have demonstrated my ability to create engaging narratives, facilitate captivating adventures, and keep listeners on the edge of their seats. My passion for storytelling and extensive experience in voice acting, sound design, and podcasting make me a unique and valuable asset in the world of voice-over and audio production.

Sweetwater Academy of Music/Treetop Tempo - 2021

Private Voice Instruction

Instructed by Rochelle Linnemeier

I received 7 years of vocal instruction and lessons from Rochelle and it improved my vocal talents vastly.

  1. The Human Voice:

    • Exploration of the human voice as an invisible instrument.

    • Understanding the potential and versatility of the voice.

  2. Voice Control:

    • Learning to feel and hear the nuances of vocal sounds.

    • Developing control for confident vocal performance.

  3. Vocal Range Expansion:

    • Working on expanding the vocal range.

    • Enhancing the ability to sing different notes comfortably.

  4. Pitch Control:

    • Training to control and maintain pitch accuracy.

    • Developing a strong sense of pitch.

  5. Breath Control:

    • Focus on proper breathing techniques for singing.

    • Building breath control for sustained and controlled singing.

  6. Pitch Memory:

    • Enhancing the ability to remember and reproduce pitches accurately.

    • Improving overall pitch memory.

  7. Understanding Vocal Mechanics:

    • Learning how the voice works anatomically and physiologically.

    • Gaining insights into vocal health and maintenance.

Carroll High School - 2017

Theater Arts Classes

Instructed by Steve Pearson

  1. Introduction to Theater Arts (Course 4242):

    • Exposure to the world of theater.

    • Initial challenge for those interested in drama.

    • Discovery of individual strengths.

    • Emphasis on voice, body, and stage movement.

    • Learning basic stage terms and theater knowledge.

    • Attendance at a live theater performance.

    • Understanding the importance of attendance for student achievement.

  2. Building upon Theater Arts (Course 4240):

    • Building on skills developed in Theater Arts.

    • Script writing, analysis, memorization, and performance.

    • Applying acting criteria to evaluate performances.

    • Collaborating with scene partners.

    • Emphasis on memorization and character development.

    • Attendance at a live theater performance.

    • Continued emphasis on the importance of attendance for success.

  3. Intense Acting Workshop (Course 4250):

    • In-depth scene analysis and acting techniques.

    • Researching, creating, and performing characters.

    • Studying various schools and instructors of acting.

    • Exposure to celebrated acting techniques.

    • Attendance at a live theater performance.

    • High emphasis on performance-based learning.

    • Understanding the critical role of attendance in student achievement.

  4. Musical Theater and Career Exploration (Course 0518):

    • Study of musical theater history and its relevance today.

    • Engagement in acting, singing, staging, and choreography.

    • Exploration of career opportunities in theater.

    • Attendance and critique of theatrical productions.

    • Recognizing the role of theater patrons in the community.

    • Performance of scenes, vocal solos, duets, and ensembles.

    • Requirement for an evening public performance.

West Chester University - 2023

Bachelors in Theater Arts (with a Performance Concentration)

Instructed by Various Actors & Professors

THA 181.01 Voice Class 1:

Fundamental Vocal Principles: In the first semester, students learn essential vocal principles, including breathing, phrasing, phonation, and interpretation, through song preparation and presentation. Focus on Vocal Skill Development: The class emphasizes developing vocal skills crucial for musical theatre performers.

THA 104.01 Stagecraft:

Realizing Performance Concepts: Students learn how performance concepts can be realized through various means.

Technical Production Elements: Differentiation of technical production elements is taught as they are integrated into performance design.

Industry Terminology: Students apply industry-specific terminology through laboratory exercises.

Practical Application of Theory: The course equips students with skills to translate theatre theory into practical application, focusing on safety and contemporary theatre production techniques.

Skill Development: Students gain proficiency in basic woodworking, lighting, and sound for theatre, essential skills for those pursuing careers in theatre production.

THA 103.03 Acting 1: 

Understanding and Appreciation of Acting: The course aims to increase students' understanding and appreciation of acting as an art and craft.

Ensemble-Building and Improvisation: Classwork includes ensemble-building gameplay, improvisational exercises, and practical application of acting techniques through monologues and scene studies.

Personal Growth: Students are challenged to examine their assumptions about themselves and others, fostering personal courage, empathy, and curiosity about human behavior.

Effective Observation: Students learn to become more effective observers of the world, enhancing their acting skills and personal growth.

Clear and Brave Communication: The course aims to improve students' ability to communicate clearly and bravely as actors and in daily life.

THA 100.01 Theater Survey: 

Curriculum and Advising: The course helps students understand the theatre and dance department's curriculum and advising process, setting them up for success in their academic journey.

Introduction to Theatre Terms: Students become familiar with basic theatre arts terminology.

Exploring Career Paths: The course introduces students to a wide variety of career paths in the entertainment field.

Personal Skills Development: Students work on creativity, self-sufficiency, and collaboration skills.

Building a Theatre Community: The course builds a sense of community among incoming theatre majors while promoting self-assessment, goal-setting, and reflection.


My rates for paid projects are as follows


$50 per 200 words

Every 100 words past the initial 200 will be an additional $25.

What Moss Kane is looking for

I have done several kinds of acting for various forms of media and performances. My preference of voice over work is dubbing for animations, games, and tv. I am open to doing audiobook, commercial, and educational work.I am opposed to doing podcasting work as I am already running one podcast. 

I am looking to gain a consistent string of revenue from doing voice acting work as I have been away from auditioning to further my education within this field and also maintain my life aside from acting. 

I joined CCC to take a step in the right direction with my acting career, there are too many opportunities here to pass up the chance of breaking through on this website or others.