"Yeah you can still survive, but not exactly live. No not exactly live.. " - Surviving (Jimmy Eat World)

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About Cosmo

Note: I do apologize for lack of response and messages when I was away. I was practically in a slump and just got out of it like a good month or two ago.

Hello and Magandang Umaga, Tanghali, Hapon, Gabi, whenever you see this and welcome to my profile. My name is Cosmo, otherwise known as Morning, Afternoon or Evening; and I am your local emo that has AuDHD (ADHD and Autism) and PMDD, I know triple kill. I am also trans male that goes by He/They pronouns (He/Him preference) and Half African American and Half Filipino.

I dabble here and with there coding (Mostly HTML and CSS) mainly for the Official Tigers Eye Toyhouse and I study psychology. My goal here is to not only tell a story that is entertaining and heartwarming to a lot, but to also spread awareness of serious topics that I myself have gone through as well as the ones close to me. I deeply encourage you to join along in this journey, especially if you yourself are a person of color, disabled, neurodivergent, and a whole lot more if you want your story and voice to get out there with characters you can relate too.

I am the creator of the Crossover series, a big passion project of mine that I've had since I was five and care very dearly about. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.

Please read my TOS and FAQ before messaging me anything related to working on your own project: