Kevin Gibson

Kevin Gibson

A man of many hats, interests, and a video game backlog too big that it's actually laughable. 

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About Kevin Gibson

Dual Licensed Optician by day to pay the bills. Voice Actor, Writer and Business Student by night. I have experience in both voice acting, on-camera acting, and even behind the scene roles like Writing, Directing and Set Designing. As well as self-teaching myself to do ADR Script Adapting for Anime.

Outside of these creative hobbies I am a big video game, film, anime and television fan.

I also currently host and run a video game news podcast called A Slice of Gaming. Check us out on YouTube and all major audio podcast platforms!


Discord: Moonlight150#8302

Twitter/X: @Moonlight1500



  • @mistgal

    Kevin was a great director! His project and scripts were really organized and easy to navigate. As well as this, he gave excellent live feedback to really help fulfill his strong vision!