Hello there! I'm Mochi, a college student with a passion for writing and voice acting. I go by she/they, and and am more than happy to chat about a project or audition! Reach me on discord at mochimichi#6002.

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About Mochi

I'm Mochi, an aspiring voice actress and writer, and I'm looking to join any projects I can to improve my skills and get my foot in the door. I'm currently participating in a few fanled voice acting projects (with creator's permission) and one project for scriptwriting for a game, and am hoping to expand my work and skills. Additionally, I am currently codirecting a voice acting project and originally made a CCC in order to further extend the auditions. I look forward to working with you here!

Upcoming Projects:

  • @landon-warner

    I've known her On this Website and i was hoping you would recommend her for some things.