Hello there! I'm Mochi, a college student with a passion for writing and voice acting. I'm more than happy to chat about any projects or questions, so you can reach me on discord or email below. Hope to see your work soon!

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About Mochi

I'm Mochi, a 19 year old college student. I go by she/they and I'm an aspiring voice actress and writer. I'm hoping to join any projects I can to improve my skills and get my foot in the door, as well as eventually kickstarting my own voice acted project. Additionally, I'm looking to build a portfolio or demo reel of my work and help out where I can. Looking forward to chatting with you!

You can reach me on discord or by email, I'll typically respond the same day or next business day.

discord: mochimichi#6002

email: [redacted]

Current Roles:

"Punky Girl" / Anzu Zimmerman - Danganronpa: Hourglass (instagram, @dr.hourglass - will be moved to Youtube) 

My icon is a commission from smashdoesbadart, you can find him on instagram!

  • @landon-warner

    I've known her On this Website and i was hoping you would recommend her for some things.