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Gabriella Bravo

I love talking and making funny sounds!

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About Gabriella Bravo


Hi my name is Gabriella Bravo, your friendly cat lover and nerd!


I am a Voice Actress looking for various opportunities to showcase my talent! I am very passionate and strive to immerse the audience with my craft!


Some things about me:


I have a cute cat name Star! So expect me to send many pictures of her in group chats!


I love playing video games and watching anime! Which is why I got into VA! I've always thought how fun it would be to be in these types of medias!


Favorite video games: Yakuza 0, Borderlands 2 and of course, Skyrim!

Favorite Anime: My little Monster, Hunter X Hunter and Ajin!


I also do sing! So if you need a character to sing some tunes, I got ya ;)!


I can't wait to start creating magic with you all and to have fun while doing it <3!


Much love!!

Discord: gabbravo

Suchavoice - 2023

Voice Over Training

Instructed by Chelsea Spirito
CreativeVeins - 2024

Acting Essential 1

Instructed by Rebecca

Continuing with Acting Fundamentals 2

What Gabriella Bravo is looking for

Anime Dubs/Fandubs



Passion Projects

  • @wisteriashadow

    Gabriella Bravo did an excellent job voice acting for a particularly heavy scene in my audiobook; they were polite, patient, conscientious and easy to work with!