Salutations~! I'm Mysty, a cursed crow spirit When I'm not endlessly wandering the empty darkness between worlds, I'm busy trying to craft my own as a VA and writer.

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About Mystybelle

I'm a nerd so I know a little bit about a lot, and like making cool things.
As far as what's relevant to you, I'm a contralto and comfortable in ranges from young girl/boy to older woman in a wide range of styles and impressions.


Scripts: flat $40 for 1000 words or less. Or $.03/word

Dubs: Minimum $30, case by case

Podcasts/Streams/etc: Case by case

What Mystybelle is looking for

Ultimately, I want to make things I can be proud of while I've still got time on this plane of existence.
So I'm open to fandubs and the like, I'm really interested in original stories and abridged series. I don't care if that's NSFW/SFW, as long as it's cool  🖤