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Ableton Live 11

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Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 (3rd Gen)

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  • @dantefettman

    Mitzerino is a very talented actor! He did voice work for my project, "Just Like the Stimulations" and was great to work with. He's easy to cooperate with, sends in his lines in a timely manner, and is great behind the mic.

    I would definitely recommend him.

  • @birctreel

    Mitzerino always say he is new to voice acting area, but I think he is already good enough for this!
    Mitz can change his voice a lot. I asked more than once for his help, and all I received were satisfaction. Those tracks are so different from each other that I can hardly tell they were recorded by the same people! Highly recommand this voice actor, and I will also come back to him once I have another chance for that ^^

  • @fandomfrank

    Mitzerino showed up when the project needed him most! He's been a great sport and very helpful. He's stuck around and even though he says he's an amateur VA, he really has a quality voice and performs his lines just as directed! He's truly great and deserves the recognition!