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About Misele

Hello friends! 

My name is Misele (rhymes with Michelle but with an S!)

I love working on projects that show my range of emotions through voice acting, whether it's crying, anger, joy, or fearful screams. 

You can count on me to really go all out during emotional scenes!

I'm really into horror, games, and anime!

Twitter https://twitter.com/miselehoang

Vocal Booth https://twitter.com/MiseleHoang/status/1477308635889942539

  • @deleted316307

    She works very fast and is very nice. I did 2 projects with her and she was amazing. She did her lines and everything else very early! I would recommend her any day. She is very kind and polite when working with her as well, didn't cause any problems.

  • @pp-nono

    Misele is not only a talented voice actor, she is also a great editor, director, and reliable partner when it comes to voice acting projects. My thoughts on how her were when we first collaborated. She has such a fun, giving, and honest personality which all comes together to make an excellent actor to work with. We've been collaborating ever since, and she's always been great to work together.

  • @akariva

    Misele is a hard working and very talented voice actor, she is quite fun to work with, energetic and I find her delivery of lines quite impressive. Overall, she's a great voice actor and would definitely recommend

  • @zachary-allen-thierry

    They are nice ppl 👍

  • @skelktonsva

    Misele really excels during emotional scenes and whenever I have an issue with how to say or deliver a line she is more than happy to step in and help with directing, I feel like she would be a great addition to the team as a voice actor and as a person in general.

    10/10 would recommend again.

  • @deleted569381

    Shes such a talented person! 100% would reco.

  • @katabelle

    Misele, Misele! The royal damsel! Work with her on your next project, she has a great range of EMOTION. An actress of repertoire & many talents, here's to more projects in the future! ♪ I always look forward to getting cast with Misele!

  • @StudioSylo

    Misele takes the role of Little Luko in my project, and is a very hard-working person who is quick to respond. Her line delivery is always on point, matching the character, and displays a great deal of emotion. A great person to get along to! 

    100% recommend