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A 3-Step Essay Prewriting Guide

Your main goal as an essay writer is to present your best arguments, analyses, and ideas in the essay. You will find that it is difficult to come by when you don’t have a proper preplan to tackle the essay. Maybe out of overconfidence or the lack of time, you end up not giving much thought to the prewriting process and begin the essay with little to no preparation.

Without prewriting, you get stuck in your essays, fail to move the arguments forward, and run out of information to speak about. In the end, frustrated you look towards others requesting your peers and professionals: ’write essay for me’. With only a thought and time set aside for the prewriting process, you can develop your essays to be high achieving ones. 

Dissecting the essay prompt

The essay prompt given to you will have a broader subject to it or it will relate to a certain theme that it is addressing. You should know the context of the prompt before delving into the details. 

The essay prompt should be probed for the central argument and various sub-arguments or topics. This will show you a glimpse into what your answer to the essay will be. You will try to find the thesis that is required to tackle the question in the prompt.

To make sure you have understood the prompt and not misconstrue it, it is essential that you write the prompt in your own words, separating it into various parts that you will pay attention to write my essay.

Putting ideas to paper

The information that is gathered from various research has to be put down somewhere. There are lots of methods that help the writer jot the ideas down onto the paper and have the mind occupied with finding new and unique ideas and arguments. The most common ones are:


Freewriting is when you write down in a timed activity everything about the topic that comes to your head. You will note down each thought even if it is not related to the topic. It is a source of a warmup for the brain to think creatively and critically. After a session or two, your mind will be warmed up and you will find yourself jotting down insightful ideas and strong arguments for the custom college essays.


Mindmapping is placing the main subject at the center and branching out the information that is related to the subject. The information will be placed in accordance with its relevance and hierarchy. This is by far the most common approach to prewriting, as it has the ability to absorb and place information from other methods. 


This will be a themed listing either according to the class, hierarchy, temporal, etc. The list will flow down from general to specific and is good at providing the flow of information and the outline.


Journaling is for those who like to start very early and know the benefits of the thoughts and outputs of a passive mind. After an active session of thinking about a subject, you eventually let go and relax, spending time with other activities. It is during such unrelated activities that the mind comes up with a novel output or an idea that is worth noting down and can help your essays immensely. 


In the outline, you are tasked to arrange the information in accordance with the central theme and the main argument. With information about the relationships between various points from the brainstorming notes, you can create a flow of information for the essay typer, deciding where the evidence will come and when you will introduce the claims. 

This process will also help you do away with redundant data that doesn’t fit into the essays, while also assuring a logical flow of information. 

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