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About MiguelMayhem

Hey! I'm Miguel, voice acting is one of my biggest hobbies, I can mainly do teenage characters. My main interests are Danganronpa, Undertale, and original animated shows. 

I also work as a sound editor. I make mixes of songs and simple lines people send me for video audio.

I prefer directing however, and am currently focused mostly on my project Persona 5 the Musical. A musical based on the game Persona 5, the sixth installment in the Shin Megami Tensei: Persona series.

  • @kittycatthang

    Miguel is a mixer on our channel, Combustible Pasta Studios, and has mixed several of the songs in our musical (Undertale: The (Unauthorized) Musical), including I Won't Say I'm In Love and Wanna Go Out With Her, as well as our April Fool's Day special, "Churrotale". He works quickly, carefully, and effectively, and is a joy to talk to professionally and personally (I consider him to be an excellent friend).

  • @theofficialmimic

    So, straight up, Miguel is a damn good kid. Solid work ethic, dry and witty sense of humor, and he knows how to take control of a situation when the need arises. He mixes music, writes scripts, composes entire songs, and he voices acts! What's not to like about that, amirite?

    He may be a bit green when it comes to voice acting but he has massive talent and is getting some of the best training/advice from a huge slew of high-quality talent. And myself, for what that is worth. :P

    But seriously, child voices? He's your guy. Witty asshole voices? Call Miguel. Do you need something mixed or edited? Hit this man up! He's young but that only means he hasn't even begun to reach his potential. Being this good already is a scary prospect for us old guard but I think with his talent and charm, this guy, right here, is gonna go so far. Way farther than even he thinks. <3