Musician / Singer Songwriter / Voice Actor / Twitch Streamer Click my link to see more of my content-> https://linktr.ee/mignewton

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Need a narrator? A  young adult or teen? A nasally nerd voice? What about a professor? An old man of wisdom? How about smooth? Or charming and confident? 

I have an arsenal of different voices that range pretty well. Whatever work you have for me I will do my absolute best to achieve your vision! 

I also create different genres of music so if you are interested in listening you can listen to my Soundcloud or Spotify or Youtube 

I also have a gaming channel on Twitch where I play a plethora of variety gaming. So if you come by I can do some of my voice acting for you there on the spot!

Rollins College - 2017

Guitar Studies

Instructed by Bobby Koelble

Graduated Rollins College with a Bachelors of Music.

What MIGGZ is looking for

 Though most of my skills involve recording music, I would love to dip my hands into some serious voice over work or voice acting for an audio drama, documentary, book reading or a possible character on a show!