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About MetaruSensei

Hey all, I did some work back in the "now non-existing VoiceActingAlliance" site. There's no better time than now to return what I love doing in my extra free time; helping the Voice Acting Community with any of my abilities. I also enjoy photography, gaming & japanese pop culture.

I'm an Audio Engineer for music, film, I work with a variety of things regarding audio:

✟ Music Composition

✟ Music Arrangement
✟ Session Musician: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, Synths
✟ Post Production (Foley, Sound Design, ADR)
✟ Tracking (Recording)
✟ Mixing (Music & Post Production)
✟ Mastering
✟ Singing
✟ Voice Acting

SAE Institute - LA - 2007

Audio Technology Program

Instructed by Multiple Instructors

Valedictorian Class 0916


Varies, volunteer and or we can negotiate pricing in private.

What MetaruSensei is looking for

I'm looking for anyone that needs vocal timing, pitch correction & or a good mix. I'm also flexible for any Post-Production service.

I'm also constantly seeking singers & or instrumentalists for my arrangements.