Megan Moonbear

Megan Moonbear

silly little creature that does goofy voices online, trying their best 23yrd/any pronouns/bi/autistic/INFP-T

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About Megan Moonbear

Voice acting since 2013, has been in a bunch of videos from comic dubs, animations, fan dubs and more. 

Check the playlist here to see the full selection of projects and videos I have been in over the years go here:

Voice acting and more!

If you want to see demo reels and highlight compilations of things I voice either on other people's channels or even my own channel check here:

Guest appearance & my own channel!

Lastly, if you wanna see writing I have done for other people's channels please check here too:

Videos and projects that I wrote for! 

Link to my other social media as well: