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Matt Shuster

Voice Actor | Narrator | Impressionist | Thoroughly Average Basketball Player

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About Matt Shuster

A little vocal fry, a little charm, and a little intensity.I'm a classically trained actor, musician and singer, with southern roots and a west coast style.  I've spent years performing and singing on stage.I love people and I love being a performer.  That's the experience I bring to the microphone: a personal, musical, dynamic performance for every project.My specialties are edgy, relatable, laid back, confident, naturally friendly voice overs all wrapped up in a guy-next-door energy.Whether it's narration, animation, video games or more - I think you'll love my versatility, comedic timing and quick turnarounds.  If you want a fresh, versatile voice for your've found the right guy.Listen to my demos, work with me, and see for yourself.

Del Mar Media Arts - 2019

Narration, Animation, Commercial

Instructed by Bud & Bunny Barth

I spent about 2 years with Del Mar Media Arts from 2017-2019.  The instructors I had there gave me real world practice in voiceover and allowed me and my classmates to workout scripts and get feedback in real time.  I learned how to carry myself as a voice actor and develop my style at Del Mar.

McIlroy & Associates - 2022

Voice Over Intensive

Instructed by Adam Kirschner

I did a few weeks of voiceover intensive workshops with Adam Kirschner, a voice actor and instructor at McIlroy & Associates in Vancouver.  It was an incredible experience and Adam's storytelling expertise taught me how to break down a script in the most efficient and organic way possible.

Private Instruction - 2022

Commercial & E-Learning

Instructed by J. Michael Collins and Mary Lynn Wissner

I have spent time doing private coaching with J. Michael Collins for e-learning and Mary Lynn Wissner for commercial. They both have been invaluable in my interpretation of copy.


It all depends on the project, but I always book within standard non-union rates using the GVAA rate guide which can be found here:

The guide is pretty straightforward, but please feel free to reach out and ask any questions!

I'm always willing to negotiate rates, especially if there is a bundle of future work! Always feel free to message me and ask.

What Matt Shuster is looking for

I came to Casting Call Club because I have such a deep interest in and passion for animation and video game work.  I have done indie game work in the past and I want the opportunity to get my feet wet in that space again.  This community seems to offer the best collaboration that there is for voice actors online.  I want to work with good people and start adding more titles to my resume!