Matt Gonza

Matt Gonza

*Blows smoke off the mic

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About Matt Gonza

Working in voice over for 4 years, eclectic fun lover. Rock/Metal music vocal performer and occasional stand up. I love working with new people and making ideas come to fruition, let's make something great together.

Voice Workshops and advice - 2021

Instructed by Steve Blum

StudioNPC - 2023


Instructed by June Yoon
EdgeStudios - 2023

Intro to Video Game VO

Instructed by Eric Cifuentes

Workshop focusing on:

-video game script reading and interpretation,

-battle noises, actions and vocal proximity

-pre scene set up group acting drills

Edge Studios - 2023

Group evaluation class

Instructed by Art Bruder

3 hour peer session with actors of every level. Scripts read aloud and dissected for strengths and improvements. Technique developmentĀ 


Rates can vary on project. DM for price. Flexible

What Matt Gonza is looking for

Any and all professional projects. Will also act on unpaid passion projects. I'm excited to see what kind of creative and informative experience can be crafted