U.S. voice artist and singer based in Japan.

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About marristaks

We are a voice artist originally from Ohio. We're looking to further our skills and experience in this industry. For more examples of our work head over to the Black Vegan Travels YouTube channel:

Roles not listed on this site include:

  • Princess Nyla - Triumphant Anthology - High Form Entertainment

  • Love
    (English Version) - Background Chorus - Yoasobi

  • アイドル - Background
    - Yoasobi

  • 勇者 - Background
    Chorus - Yoasobi

Closing Credits - 2023

VO Solopreneur 101

Instructed by Lau Lapides
Closing Credits - 2022

Voice Acting 101

Instructed by John Wang
What marristaks is looking for

We're looking to build our resume and continue to hone our skills as a voice-over artist. We love doing accents and character voices.