Marlo Flanagan VO

Marlo Flanagan VO

Go-to girl for everything Voice over- Actor, director, producer, editor - youthful, energetic and unique personality, sweet, cool, creatures, multiple characters, animals, gibberish, anime, little boys and girls

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About Marlo Flanagan VO

Marlo is a professional voiceover director, actor and coach. She's voiced projects for Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney, T-Mobile and Hasbro and directed animation, commercial and dubbing projects. Youthful, energetic and unique personality specializing in animation, commercial, promos/trailers, narration, e-learning, toys, video games, ADR & looping, voice matching, anime. For over 15 years, she has been coaching and developing talent across the US. 

Professional booth and finished files

Voice Casters - 2017

VO Commercials

Instructed by Various

Commercial Voiceover

Kalmenson & Kalmenson's - 2006

Animation, Commercial, Video Game, Promo, Trailer VO

Instructed by Various

Animation, Commercial, Video Game, Promo, Trailers voiceover 

VoiceTrax West - 2013

Animation, Commercials

Instructed by Various


upon request

What Marlo Flanagan VO is looking for

Need a voice actor who can do multiple characters, youth - 20's, characters, creatures,  little boys, girls, teen girls. OR a Voiceover director for animation or commercials that knows voiceover and will bring your project to life OR a demo producer and voiceover coach that gets great reads-  I'm your girl, Over 15 years of experience. Editing and adding music to your project is no problem.