Mark J. Coleman

Mark J. Coleman

Voice acting, video editing and script writing services.

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About Mark J. Coleman

Videographer and voice talent for Glasgow based media production company StudioFV. Creative business aspirant interested in various avenues of the creative process and a highly keen interest in voice acting. 

I am a natural voice talent, with what has been previously described as a 'radio voice' which I have made a goal for over a decade to practice, perfect and hone my vocal range and fundamentals of my voice. variety of impressions, accents, emotion and character in my pursuit of creative projects that require them.

I am very eager to provide voice work for anyone that may be interested in my ability and would like to take my talents to a new level of professionalism. Feel free to contact me on my business email, I am interested in all creative pursuits and those impassioned enough to pursue them.

City of Glasgow College - 2017

Professional Writing Skills

Instructed by Kevin Colrain, Matthew Kerr, Martin Naidoo

This course allowed me to further hone my craft in script writing and audio comedy production as well as initiating my ability to provide voice acting as well as editing voice recordings.