The principle of age and didactic regression in education.

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Its key features can be traced in the fact that in the process of primary education child as if returning to the search a best essay writer and preschool activities,

that have not fully realized their developmental value (play,

modeling, drawing, constructing, acquaintance with the outside world), or in the process of solving educational tasks the student uses ways which are no longer relevant at this stage.

no longer relevant at this stage of learning.

The principle of education, namely on the social

adaptation of children and their integration into society emphasizes the need for special pedagogical attention to

of the relationship a child develops on the basis of learning activity at school and at home, as the main object of pedagogical work (relationship to oneself as a subject of activity, relationships with classmates and significant adults, teachers, educators, parents).

the necessity of competent pedagogical influence on the developing relations, regulation and special construction of them from the position of affirmation of personal dignity,

satisfaction of his social needs for recognition and respect, education of socio-moral standards of behavior in

systems of responsible dependence.

The principle of integrative nature of the correctional and developmental educational process states the necessity of organic connection in the educational process

educational and pedagogical strategies with diagnostic, correctional and developmental and social strategies.

Principle of the activistic approach. Objective-oriented activity, in the course of which a child's higher mental functions (perception, protection, correction, developmental and social) are successfully developed.

higher mental functions that are very important for a child (perception, speech and

communication, thinking, memory, emotions, motivation), is a

a powerful corrective and compensatory pedagogical

in work with children at risk. Because of this, remedial pedagogy organizes the educational process on a

visual-actual basis. Collective, objective, and practical activities are widespread in ETCs.

The most widespread in ETCs is collective subjective and practical activity under the guidance of a teacher (work in pairs).

which create the natural conditions for motivated speech communication, constantly reproducing the need for it. Communication, in turn.

in turn, developing, contributes to the mastery of language in

all its functional components, thinking operations, various situations of communication and social interaction


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