You need quirky?  You need crazy?  You need a maniac?  I'm your gal!  I'd be more than happy to take on a challenge for the sake of growing my experience.

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About Manias_30

My name is Manias 3.0 (Heidi).  I am an artist in music, projects, and skits.  My main focuses are towards radio dramas, audiobooks, musicals, and compositions of my own design.  I have a YouTube channel known as the "Lair of the Maniacs", and I specialize in Voice Acting and songwriting.  If you wish to hire me, I will accept any pay you offer.



Thank you for your consideration!


Since I'm so new to pricing, here's what I can charge:

Voice Acting:

For side characters:
collective 10-50 lines: $10

For mains/villains:
10-50 lines: $20
51-100 lines: $25
100+ lines: $40


Crazy Combo Compositions:
1:00-3:00 time of song: $15
3:00+ time: $30-$50, depending on the length of the song

Chamber music:
Quartet or Quintet piece: $30
Orchestration: $100

What Manias_30 is looking for

I'm looking for Voice Acting projects, people who need chamber music (or a little something different) in their original projects, and some good ground to get started on.

  • @browniejcg

    Someone I voice act with and met Via a youtuber's discord. Close friends and she is a great singer and VA too. PLus she draws too!