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About Brandon Finney

Hey, I'm Brandon! I have an interest in Voice Acting and I hope to improve over time and maybe even make a career out of it! But at the very least, it'll be a fun hobby. I'm also a huge Transformers fan, that becomes very apparent if you get to know me :)

Voice Acting:

Skywarp/Wounded Autobot Soldier in Transformers Rise of Unicron (unreleased)

Reiner Braun in Attack On Titan: The Battle of Heaven and Earth Fandub Chapter 128-130 (

Marco Bodt in Attack on Titan Abridged: Episode 2-5

Mikasa's Dad in Episode 3

Dying Scout in Episode 4


Griffin Walker in Griffin (

Jim Leroy in Contraphobia Archives: Investigation (

Mr. Nose in a Christmas Mansion (

Michael Afton in Dead By Daylight Five Nights at Freddy's Gameplay Concept (

Mas Ameeda in Darth Vader: Into the Fire Part I [#6 2020] - Immersive Audio Comic! (

Phone Guy in Bibsy's (

Gwenda in Havasu Blues - A Fallout New Vegas Mod (



Cropped/Edited panels, Dialogue in Attack On Titan: The Battle of Heaven and Earth Fandub Chapter 130 (

  • @renly_va

    Malachi is a very passionate and effective VA. Listening to his work he always bring his all to the table and it shows in the results. I look forward to hopefully working with him on more projects!

  • @japhethva

    Malachai Prime has been one of the most awesome casted members I've ever met! He brings such positive energy that spreads love to everyone they meet! He gives every line his all even taking in consideration their nerves and own fears. They push through it all and becomes the amazing voice actor they truly are!

  • @honeydew

    Brandon, or Malachai Prime, is an extremely talented and humble individual. In the few months I have worked with him, I have known him to be extremely supportive and kind to others, and also he always does his best work with the lines and voice assignment given. He's trying his hardest to learn and improve every day, which is extremely admirable. I do recommend you giving him a chance for your projects, he deserves it!

  • @rachelleon

    Brandon is the type of guy to perfectly portray a gritty character like Reiner Braun and then turn around and be one of the sweetest dudes in the world.

    Whenever I had the honor of working with Brandon during table reads, he puts his all into every performance. He is a bright light of positive energy that anyone would wish to have in their projects. I know he is going to do great in this industry and I can't wait to support him along the way!

    CAST HIM! I promise you won't regret it!

  • @akarion

    Brandon delivered promptly and greatly on an unusual voice, definitely recommend them.

  • @darkfilmz-productions

    If you're looking for an actor who is VERY passionate for acting and to bring outstanding performances, well he is the chosen one. As a lead role for our new film his performance is f*#king awesome. Cannot wait to work with him again for our first Original Superhero Film.