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About Madi

I am fairly new to the voice acting world, but my voice can give life to a variety of your character creations or projects!

I'm based in London, but can work on projects from around the world if needed.

Discord: madi#4394

What Madi is looking for

I like stories! If your project - be it game, animation, movie, or anything in between has a great sounding story at its core I'd love to be a part of it! Please contact me if you think I'd be a fit!

  • @alisonp123

    Maria-Madalina is a talented voice actress. I recommend her for any project you may have!

  • @kainoncarthyst

    Madi was brought on late in the game to voice a one off character and any extras that she might be able to fill. She showed up and immediately seemed eager to work and was punctual with the work she did. She followed the direction perfectly and gave her character (child) a kind of energetic optimism that kids usually have. She understood the character almost immediately and it shows. 

  • @deleted780284

    I have worked with Madi for to while now and in that time she's been an absolute honor to have her on my projects. She's fast, efficient, and a pleasure to talk to. I almost never have to do retakes, when it comes to Madi, she quickly understands the script and is able to execute with great promise. I wouldn't think twice about working with her again!

  • @betalille

    I have worked with Madi on a Skyrim mod project and she managed to give life to a snake person perfectly!

    Would work again with her anytime!