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Hi. I am a graduate of Point Park University's Conservatory of Performing Arts with a degree in Musical Theatre. I have over thirty audiobooks available on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible as well as numerous roles with independent animations and abridged series. I am also a voice actor with BeeAudio.com, Inter Voice Over, Somatone VO, and Media Music Now.

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voice acting: negotiable

audiobooks: $150 per-finished-hour


Tales of Berseria Abridged, Artorius

Gurren Lagann Abridged, Kamina

[ABRIDGED] Pokemon: Fire Red, Brock

Seven Deadly Slaps (Seven Deadly Sins Abridged), Annoying Guy Off-Screen

Final Fantasy Tactics Fandub, Gustav

The Blank Page, The Butler

Lords of the Fallen, Wizard Kaslo, Reaper

A Very Bloodborne Christmas, Santa, Troll

Justice League, Superman, Flash, Killer Croc

Resident Evil VII Abridged, Jack, Andre

Dracula Radio Play, John Seward

CopperWealth, PowderKeg

Fables, Beast, Jack, Prince Charming

K Abridged, Kamamotto


 - That said with how well you auditioned, you shouldn't need many retakes at all. 

 - To be honest, all of your auditions were great, so I had a hard time just figuring out how to get around that problem. Haha.

Great job. And thank you for the effort you're putting into this project. Most people haven't even turned in their lines yet, let alone for both characters, with revisions. I am definitely glad I made the choice I did. Even if you were a contender for literally every role you auditioned for. Haha.

Otherwise I think these sound great! I really like where you're going with the character... Also, GREAT fucking job with the adlib screaming! That was hilarious! 😂

 - This is amazing! Holy cows! Thank you so much! Everything sounds great. No changes needed... You're the first to send in lines (so quickly!) and others expect it to take them the 2-3 weeks

Casting Calls and Auditons

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