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A high energy performer who loves being in the booth, Zach Holzman has been pursuing voice acting since 2009. If you seek efficiency, directability, and a great performance all delivered with a positive attitude, Zach is the actor you want!

Zach excels as a versatile actor – he can sound energetic, warm, friendly, conversational, guy next door, best friend, comedic, animated, intimate, authoritative, evil, sincere, charismatic, gritty, professional, youthful, elderly, geeky, manly, commanding, laid back, quirky, cocky, and gritty. How about a bold superhero, a spunky teenager, a wise senior, a gruff soldier, a funny cartoon dog, an insane villain, a booming announcer, or a generation Y slacker? Whether it's animation, commercial, video games, industrials, toys, promos or trailers, Zach can do it!

Currently hailing from the gorgeous city of Portland, Oregon, Zach specializes in a relaxed, millennial tone with a northwest flavor, but he can provide many regional dialects and accents throughout the US and the world.


My pricing rates vary per workload. Feel free to ask for a quote!


Intel, PNC Bank, Toon Platoon Casting, Zoink! Games, Alien Trap Games, Evil Dog Games, Digital Happiness, No Bull Intentions, Major Bueno, S2 Games, Amotion Labs, SFB Games, Aethos Games, Humble Hearts, Willy Tip, Sake Visual, Visual Outbreak, Foxy Robot, Quirk Auto Dealers, Nurtuan Records, Alexander Financial Solutions, Bitoomba, Glutme, Shop Smart Classified, Easitrack, Sharpfin, Brazos Valley Stallion Station, Fitness Depot, Poker Friends, Downbeat Magazine, Mahindra Jewelers, The Fish House, Chefd, Direct2Owner, Mobitel Innovation Centre


"I always knew that casting the lead character in Supreme League of Patriots was going to be critical. He's such a strong, domineering character that my choice of actor could easily make or break the project. Zach got inside the head of the character and could understand what motivates him. His creativity and wit brought life to the character I'd written and gave him a new dimension." - Phil Ings, No Bull Intentions

"I've had the absolute pleasure of casting and directing Zach on the lead character of a comedic video game promo. Zach brought an unmatched, infectious level of enthusiasm and creativity to the role, easily separating himself from the pack. He followed my direction wonderfully, en route to crafting a fantastically zany, yet nuanced performance that remains one of my personal favorites. Between his wonderfully personable attitude and commitment to delivering his very best, I could not ask for anything more from a talent." - Deven Mack Jr, Toon Platoon Casting

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