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Voice Actor
Video Editor
  • Skills
    Video Editing
    Audio Editing
  • Genders
  • Languages
    English (Fluent)
  • Ages
    Teen to Elderly
  • Accents
    American Southern
    Cockney English
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27 Year old male voice over actor from the UK


Will happily work for experience and credit, but would certainly be happy to accept paid work as well. I gotta eat :')


Project Title/ Character Name/ Director 

You're Not A.. /Scott/ Rocioswim4613

Thorns of Truth/ Boone/ Luna 

The Hunted/ Drew/ Misssleepyhead44

The Boy Next Door/ Julian/ Katgagenproductions

Switch/ Lucas/ Angelbeam19

Scandal/ T.K/ 3NerdyGirl3

Sacrifice/ Silias/ Luana6972

Refuge/ Aiden/ K3Strawberry

Pokemon: The True Abridged Series /Various/ Chris Boyer

Plum/ Luke/ brialashee

Pinch Of Salt/ Blake/ TheAlicelda

Our Oath/ Seth/ SagaWorldProductions

Midnight City/ Joker/ Taylor/Teirā ッ

KC/ Alec/ CrazyHeartzStudioz

Iconoclast/ EkolarasMagnum

Falling Skies/ Brett/ SagaWorldProductions

F.E.A.R/ Marco/ aquille

Emotional Games/ Breeze/ Taylor/Teirā ッ

Diseased Love/ Tyler/ Yoits8bit

Delirium/ Kale/ MinorityCat Series

City 41B Administrater/ Meridian Gray

Beyond The Shadows/ Ethan

Atlanta Squatters/ Ellwood/Jones/ CrazyHeartzStudioz

The ODST's of New Mombossa/ Kurt/ DropPodStudios

Hen Night From Hell/ Chord/ GemmaDwarwood 

Creatures/ Fang/ SapphireGalaxy

Evasive/ Tristan/ XxIsaacZgirlxX

Eat Flesh/ Cyrus/ CrazyHeartzStudioz 

Forsaken/ Corey/ XxIsaacZgirlxX

Infected/ Thomas/ Angelbeam19

Insanity/ Michael/ Simisterrproductions

Ignis Rain/ Roy/Recast?/ McflyVampire45

Faeries of the Fae/ Salem/ MoreSims3Productions

Daemons/ King Aturis/ McflyVampire45

Autum's Falling/ Chadwick/ Rave138522 

Twisted/ Jesse/ itsmejonathan 

The Strange Girl With The White Hair/ Derek/ Simisterrproductions 

The Otherworld/ Alex/Charles/ DNLFilms 

The Last Day S2/ Ryder/ StarstoShinex 

SOTP/ Reed/ moonfeather 

Rose Blood/ Lord Savlator/ diamondcrystalmovies 

My Miserable Life/ Troy/ bvhfdjva 

GAME/ Goku, Various others/ TigerJ15 

Final Fantasy IX FanDub/ Zidane plus Various/ Tysonater 

Elite/ Ryan/ TheSugarChibi

Desolation/ Gray/ Taylor/Teirā ッ 

Captive/ Roger/ xxJaZzHAndZxx 

Forgotten/ Adrien/ theElonianCass 

Model Behaviour/ Saige/ Cutepenguinkid 

War Against Love/ Logan/ Anon Ymous 

Life's A Beach/ Evan/ TwistTV 

Knightmare S2T6/ Alec/ Jake Collins 

Decomposing Emily/ Luca/ ApocalypticDogFilms 

Blind Love/ Damian/ Cutepenguinkid 

Junior and the hag/ Mr. Manly/ Egghead Films

Poseidon/ Zeus/Narrator/ VanityMovies

Reversed Tails/ Bryer/ Loaded Metal

Lasting Evermore/ Chester/ RobynASims

Predator/ Will Sinclair/ ShankShark

Abandoned/ Bellamy/ Kasey Joy

Bloodlines/ Cynric/ NeonWolfArtist

I'll give you the sun/ Oscar/ SimmingLikeAVillain

Super Llama Man/ Super Llama Man/ Jor'gha HaQ

My Guardian- The Next Chapter/ Obsidian/ StarstoShinex

Inside/ Carter/ Miboy1991

Forbidden Love/ Johannes/ Teira

Without a Trace/ Rhett/ Teira

Seekers/ Chester Brymes/ RobynASims

Unbreakable Fate/ Sime Brant, Nifel Lawrence, Charles Anderson/ DNLFilms

Tangled Wires/ Mikey/ Tali Sims Morgan

Foreboding Illusions/ Sebastian/ RobynASims

Exposure/ Rick/ JR Productions

Autumn Falling/ Chadwick/ Rave138522  

Son of the Philosopher Audiobook/ Reed/ WintermothStudios

Final Fantasy VIII Fandub/ Seifer Almasy/ NeogardDarkness


"First off, this man is probably the most reliable voice actor I have worked with! He gets lines in on time, and perfect every single time. I give him the description of a charac..."

"Truly being one of the best voice actors I've ever worked with, Mike proves time and time again to be a talented and reliable choice for any voice over project. The emotion and ..."
Meridian Culpepper

Casting Calls and Auditons

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