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Hello, my username is thekillinjoke but you can call me Luke if you like to, I consider myself an aspiring VA (and actor) as I'm still learning about Theatre itself in high school, but I do love acting and I try to take every moment of it serious but as well as enjoy every moment as I consider it a hobby since I mainly focus on school... however for me quality over quanity is the route I take when it comes to producing any kind of work the best I can... again I'm still learning the ropes but I understand the main concepts of acting... like projection, inflection, sense memory, and emotional memory, and tone etc.

Now, how I discovered voice acting is a different story... I learned about it when I first heard of an actor by the name of "Nolan North", he's provided many voices over the span of his career as a voice actor but my favorite overall in the variety is his German voice more notably "Edward Richtofen" but as well as Mark Hamill who as you may know him for Luke Skywalker from Star Wars but also his iconic voice as the Joker, I just admired those characters to the point that I practiced doing the voice for them which sparked my interest in voice acting and that is where I set my goal to be a voice actor as I believe it to be exciting and fun to be apart of any project. 


I'm free for anything, payment is optional.


  1. 1.) Bentinez - "Batman: The Beginning" (Alfred)

  2. 2.) HappyFaceGamingYT - "Waterside Road: Minecraft Series" (Parker/Eric)

  3. 3.) Burst - "Escape: Minecraft Crime Series" (The Man)

  4. 4.) Hufflescarf - "Star Wars Fan Film - Son of Darkness" (Yoda)


                  Star Wars Fan Film - Son of Darkness (Yoda)                "Working with you was really great! When I asked you to record your lines, you didn't hesitate, and got them in perfect time, and now its easier to make the final result because I have these lines. Your performance was absolutely stunning, I couldn't really make a difference when I first heard it."  -  Hufflescarf

 Waterside Road: Minecraft Series (Parker/Eric)

   "He has been a good client. I highly recommend him.          He has also helped me with other characters voice overs when they didn’t submit theirs." - HappyFaceGamingYT

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