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Hello! I'm Taylor, aka retroberry, aka rflowers.

I have been wanting to become a voice actor for a very long time. I was inspired by my favorite voice actors, like Laura Bailey, Tara Strong, Hynden Walsh, Greg Cipes, Grey DeLisle, etc.

If you're looking for a low-pitched female voice, I'm your gal! But I can also do a pretty good Sakura Haruno voice, and the like.

I hope I can use this site to grow and learn more about voice acting. Thank you.

My BehindtheVoiceActors Profile: 

My Discord: rflowers#1428


I am really here for the experience and practice, but I am up for any amount as long as my product is up to standard.


Completed Roles (Links Pending):

 Hashida Suzuha & Shiina Kagari in "Steins;Gate Master Reset (Prologue Demo)" (possible continuation) | SGxElPsyKongroo 

 Kim Pine in "Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 Comic Dub" (possible continuation) | Kikanator96 

 Raquel in "The Tale of Esmeralda" | FredTheDarkKnight 

 Sapphire in "My Roommate, Pink Diamond" | HyperSonic Fan 

 Sarah Dawson in "Life is Strange: Better Then" | Better Then 

 Sadayo Kawakami & Female Background characters in "Persona 5 the Animation Fandub Ep 1" (possible continuation) | krysdolly 

 Morgan Williams in "The Story of Timmy Abrams" (Youtube; some topics NSFW) | Dandhii 

 Lizzie Robertson in "The Troubling Twin Trifecta Audiobook"  (possible continuation) | heyitzay7177 

Current Ongoing Roles:

 Hayami Kodama in "Danganronpa Despair on Tour!" | DespairOnTour 

 Emi Yamamoto in "Danganronpa Masquerade of Despair" | LeucisticAxel 

 Ikumi Hayashi in "Danganronpa Absent Hope" | sly_hedo 

 Suzi Q and Poco's Sister in "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Abridged" | Dastardly DragonVic 

 Akasabi Mikosuke in "Danganronpa RE:Zero: Leafwind Manor" | Leafwind_Manor 

 Various Ghosts in "Westerfield" | grimkipp 

 Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu in "The Danganronpa Singing Group" | (Youtube) | Gabi-Chan 

 Ryikka Tojima in "Danganronpa: Despairful Link" | Sky Kyosuke 

 Maho Ikeda in "Danganronpa Despair Castle" | lemonkatze 

 Michie Moto in "Danganronpa V: Torn Threads" | milkshaqe 

 Sadayo Kawakami in "Person - A New Future - Audiobook" | Sage / Jude Mathis 

 Slander in "Laney Rae's Everyday Decisions" | jojodadino 

 Karin in "Faded Cross Anime Drama CD" | moonlightmel 

 Morgana, Sae Niijima, & Sadayo Kawakami in "Persona 5 the Musical" | MiguelMayhem 

 Ryoma Hoshi & Gonta Gokuhara in "Danganronpa Genderbend Comic Dubs & Other Stuff!" | Koyoshi 

 Lily Richard & Suzanne in "Freak-Quency Comic Dub" | TheOneTrueMolly 

 Fuji in "Danganronpa: Serial Party" | dockantera 

 Alejandra Gomez, the Ultimate Herpetologist in "Danganronpa: Despair's Reflection" | MeesterC 

 Kyouko Ikumi in "Sweet Blue Flowers Abridge" | Zach M Ross 

 Fujimi Tetsu in "Danganronpa FD" | Slykechi 

 Ellen in "Five Elements" | TricksterRad 

☆ Ginger (Pamela Lobel) in "Danganronpa: Prisoner's Game" | doffyking12 

 Sadayo Kawakami & Sae Nijima in "Per5onabridged" | jetstreamjack 

 Rumiko Nagamine in "Project Danganronpa: Despair Revival" | damgananna 

 Rosamond Pitera in "Danganronpa: Out-of-Reach Promises" | NoOneLikesSylvia 

 Blackfire in "Abridged for Teen Titans" | Lee Manami 

 Tessa Lurie in "Danganronpa: Broken Chains" | Xafir 

 Yukiko Amagi in "Persona4 Prime Time" | muffinmonkeys 

 Morgana & Sae Nijima in "Persona 5 Abridged" | dougo 

 Andrea O'Hare in "Marutech University" | Ugly Blue Hat Productions 

 Suiri Mamoru in "Danganronpa: The Light of Reality" | Braven 

 Sae Niijima & Shiho Suzui in "Persona 5 Adult Confidant AU Comic Dubs" | chaos x 


Casting Calls and Auditons

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