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Just a guy who loves Smash Bros. and voice acting.

Also working on my own Smash Bros. Machinima called "Smash World".


For the moment I'm working for free. But if I ever get the chance to paid work, that would be great.


Projects I've done so far:

FlipNinten, Brawl RPG: Smash Summoner, as Marino Nibel (hiatus)

Smash Universal, Smashing Universe, as Pit, Shulk, R.O.B., Mr. Game & Watch, and PAC-MAN (cancelled)

BlackSlash20, Bound To Smash! ワリオ, as Mario, Robert, and Meta Knight (cancelled), Bound to Smash Alpha, as Mario and Meta Knight (WIP)

NoCheap, Laws of Smash, as Falco and Mario (hiatus)

MickeyMurk, Newcomers, as Meta Knight (cancelled)

TheHedgehogEngineKnuckles Flexes his Muscles!, as Sonic the Hedgehog (complete) Silver Crisis: The Animation, as Sonic the Hedgehog (WIP), Brawl Universe, as Sonic the Hedgehog (on-going)

isaiahcow1, Junior!, as Dark Link (on-going), Samantha Vs The World, as Freddy (hiatus)

Burlesque Productions, 【Super Smash Bros Abridged】, as Fox McCloud (cancelled)

LoneWolf1500, The Legend of Zelda: Rise of the Fallen, as Mario, Pit, Luigi, and Dark Pit (on-going) 

Project Angel Tier, Project Angel Tier, as Pit (cancelled)

WisemanThe13th, Day of Age, as Rafael (hiatus) 

Agent0FluffyPhoenix's SSBB Case Files, as Dr. Mario (cancelled)

Deadly Sam, Luigi's New Mansion, as Pit (cancelled), Robin & Shulk, as Pit (cancelled)

Jacermoro, Broken, as R.O.B. (cancelled)

spiderfreak1011, Phoenix Rising, as Luigi and R.O.B.'s (WIP)

Mectro15, Super Smash Combo Class, as Marth (on-going)

ShadowZPA, Smash Region, as the Narrator and Wario (on-going)

RetroPixels, SchoolU, as Tom (hiatus)

Fangal, Smash Crest, as Dark Link, Wario, and Mario (cancelled)

FirePhoenixKing, Mushroom Kingdom Fun Times, as Luigi (on-going)

ZoruaMaster, Faith's Crossing, as Shadow the Hedgehog and Deed the Yoshi (hiatus)

Smashing XIII, OathKeepers, as Drago1901 (WIP), Smash Past, as Slippy (WIP)

Angelglory, Next Smash R, as HeroWingz (on-going)

dRage, Dragon Brawl Z, as Captain Toad (on-going)

AnimeDubs4Life, Skyfell: A Smash Bros. Story, as Slippy Toad (on-going)

MasterGuil, Erston in Smash, as Mario and Luigi (on-going)

TheBoneHeadClan, The Legend of Dirk, as Mario understudy (on-going), Star Wolf Among Us, as Mario and Luigi in Spanish (WIP)

Tigura21, Smash King 2Decades, as Mii 3 (on-going)

SpeedDemon1939, Plan B, as Falco (WIP), Last Light, as Mario (WIP)

MaskedMetaKnight4, Ultimate Party, as Mario (on-going)

Seinc64, Smashing Legends as Mario (WIP), Best Boy, Best Girl, as Yoshi (WIP)

Mofat, Grand Brawl: Rebuild, as Mario (WIP)

Leon Flamesword, Living Ultimate, as Vergil (on-going)

AmaletzTheShark, Ultimate Heroes for Hire, as Ness (on-going)

Ninja 28, Eternal Dreams, as Shulk (on-going)

Captain Raichu, Ultima, as Mario (on-going)


"This impression is REALLY good."

"Great job. :)"

"Very well done! You had me at the first line to the last. Amazing audition Redway."

"This Shadow is perfect you hit all the emotions needed in this audition lines, good job :3"

"I absolutely loved that audition you put in for Spider-Man! It was absolutely funny!"



"Great audition!"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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