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Voice Actor
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    English (Fluent)
    Basic French
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    sometimes Filipino even though I moved away from Philippines years ago and don't speak tagalog or any dialect what is wrong with my mouth
    Ok French Accent from 2 French Classes
    Usually North American
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HI My Cat Is Less-Than Amused With My Weird Voices and Has Threatened My Life Multiple Times Help Me


thanks for checking out my profile random internet stranger. please leave your shoes and expectations at the door, thank you.

I'm a highschool student and a newbie at voiceacting Though I have always been fond of imitating voices and have held a respect for voice actors.

However, I can dedicate to a project, so long that you don't mind my newbieness.

I think I can do decent high-pitched Pinkie-Pie-esque voices, so that's my specialty. For now. This means I can do childish voices, cutesy voices, soft voices, excitable voices, and bleeding-inducing voices as long as they're meant to be high-pitched.

My timezone is EST.

As you can tell by my About's tone, I'm not a professional

soo, keep that in mind!




Other hobbies: art, writing, reading, games, and collecting useless trivia related to the field of psychology.

Fave series: Danganronpa, Gravity Falls, Mob Psycho 100, Kirby

Avatar is Gonta Gokuhara, the true best boy of Danganronpa V3.


I'm not looking for paid projects atm but if you gave me 20 bucks to do weird voices I'd sell my soul  to you


Ongoing Roles:

Hiyoko Saionji (Super Danganronpa 2.5 OVA - Nagito Komaeda and the Destroyer of the World DUB)

Recasted Jordyn Blair (Danganronpa: A New Chapter)

Hiyoko Saionji (Danganronpa 2 Dub by Cross Entertainment)

Tenko Chabashira (DRV3 Anthology Dub by Sai)

Jade Harley (Homestuck Dub by FoxxTube)

Jessie Rodriguez (South Park the Stick of Truth Fandub Mod)

Risa Kurofuji (Room of Despair - Danganronpa)

Choir Member (Chara's Story - Undertale Musical)

Ribbon Quartzite (Insane Gold Warriors)

Rikinosuke Hashimoto (Despair on Tour! Danganronpa)

Completed Roles:


As you can see, I really hate Danganronpa.

(6/23/18 - links to be added later, added current date to guilt future me)


"You don't sound like a real person when you do that!" 

- someone at church. Thanks, Jennifer.

Casting Calls and Auditons

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