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If you wish to contact me regarding voice over work, please email:



Richard sits in a padded room and talks to himself all day... But he is more than capable of providing you with informative documentaries, entertaining audio books, executive business material, instructional education, exciting radio adverts, captivating explainer video's, clear and concise telephone IVR, personality filled videogame characters, character filled cartoons, hitting trailers, memorable podcast intro's, national TV commercials and viral internet ad's. 

Or maybe you need a video game character read? Well if you're looking for that booming megalomaniac evil genius or the screeching shrimpy little henchman, Richard can bring your character to life.

Richard also offers a script editing service for works translated into English, helped by his 3+ years of Japanese to English / English to Japanese translation experience at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London.


Please note; My minimum charge for projects less than one minute is £25.


• Utah National Department of Health

• The Divine Liturgy of the Hours Church

• Large scale department stores

• Small scale retail stores

• Steel mills 

• Universities

• Laboratories

• Elevator firms

• Private individuals

• Online media companies


We had the pleasure of working with Richard on an animated tobacco prevention course for university students. He was helpful, responsive, flexible, and produced high quality work very quickly. Our project had to strike a fine balance between informative and engaging, and Richard did a superb job with both gravitas and comedic timing, when appropriate. I would not hesitate to work with him again, and I would highly recommend him to others.

E. Herbert - Texas University of Health

Richard was very enjoyable to work with and willing to rework until it’s perfect. If his voice is a fit for your project then I highly recommend him.

D. Falkner - Divine Office Liturgy of the Hours

Since writing and recording our voicemail, our customers have left much longer messages with far more information regarding their inquiry. His voice is obviously catching their attention and has saved us a small fortune in callbacks.

R. Hulme - £1 A Yard Fabrics

Richard provided a fantastic recording for my hobby, Id certainly ask for him again!

- S. Brady - Little Red Photography

Richards voice was perfect for our clients medical demonstration, it flowed extremely well with the video and we certainly be requesting him to voice our next one.

- J. Mercer - AIR Productions

We used Richards voice for our full range of lift systems and we look forward to hiring him again.

- C. Dean - Dean & Co. Engineering

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