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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

OldManCricky has been a freelance Voice-Talent for 4 years. Providing vibrant voices for colorful characters online for Indie Game studios, audio books, safety videos, showcases, and whoever else just wants his voice recorded for anything!

His very first days as a voice-talent started off in 2013, giving voices for goofy (and sometimes wickedly evil) animated characters in Web based Flash Games, and Youtube Videos.

From there, he then hopped onto bigger fishes, auditioning and landing bigger projects, with bigger requests. 

A different vocal emotional request for example. Such as Ineos Phenol, a chemical facility that required a Voice-Talent with a versatile-yet-relatable-&-engaging narration. A voice that represented a more serious, and caring tone for new employees that will work in a hazardous chemical environment.

As time progressed, OldManCricky' vocal skills started to grow by tenfold, branching off into huge numbers of different types Voice-Over projects, increasing intonation and verbalism skills through-out the years to provide the perfect tone that best represents a brand as noted by his clients. As well as adding some more spice for highly animated and energetic roles, which can be heard in his demos.


Anything lower than 500 words = $10

Word count 500-1000 = $20


-Vertigo C.S = (VO Media)

-Bysness ERP = (Radio Ad)

-Great Place To Work = (Company VO)

-Ineos Phenol = (Chemical Safety Protocal Narration)

-3AM DT = (Video Game VO)

-TrioLogic = (Radio Ad)

-TechGeek00 = (Video Narration)

-Luxury Mobiles = (Video Tutorial Narration)

-How ExpertPress = (Audiobook)

-Josh H. = (Audiobook)

-MTG: Drafting Guide = (Audiobook)

-HSE Games = (Audiobook)

-Turbo Boosting Confidence = (Audiobook)

-Manipulation: The Science and Art of Influence and Persuasion = (Audiobook)

-Dale Dupius = (Key Account Management)

-Manipulation: 2 in 1 Beware of Manipulation and Narcissists = (Audiobook)

-South Beach Diet Beginner's Guide and Cookbook with 31+ Delicious and Supercharged Recipes: The Foolproof Diet Plan to Finally Lose Weight Fast that Can't and Won't Fail = (Audiobook)

-Meal Prep: The Complete Meal Prep Cookbook For Weight Loss And Clean Eating = (Audiobook)

-Picture Books: The Lonely Elephant = (Audiobook)

-Meal Prep: 101 Amazing Meal Prep Recipes for Weight Loss and Clean Eating = (Audiobook)

-True Love : Children books . Picture Books = (Audiobook)

-Life Changing Minimalist Living: A Guide to Decluttering Your Home, Organizing Your Life, and Simplifying It All = (Audiobook)

-Anique Soetermeer-Gabriels = (SpottyFX Booth VO)


"You're a fantastic narrator!Thank you so much for helping me with this. It really means a lot." ~ Elfin


"Matyas gave since his first audition for our project an excellent performance. During all the time we worked together he was available and ready to communicate with us and make any needed adjustments, showing at all times a great level of professionalism and dedication to the game, which is very appreciated by our team."

~ Irreverent Software


"It was a pleasure working with Oldmancricky. He delivered quickly, the audio quality was perfect and most importantly his voice acting is great. His old man voice sounds very believable and not like a charicature. I am very happy that he is part of the cast for my project."

~ Lilia (Casting Call Club)


Irreverent Software

Casting Calls and Auditons

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