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Hello! my name's Morgan, but I would prefer to be called Mobbu. I'm a shy/quiet girl but I want to try to become more confident and hopefully become an alright voice actor!

I hope that I can be apart of some wonderful projects and make good friends :)

There were many projects that I was apart of so either check out my playlist where I have the completed things I voiced in and/or check my cast roles to see what other characters that I can voice. 


Kotoko Utsugi-Danganronpa Another Episode Manga Fandub
Hiyoko Saionji-Super Danganronpa Fandub: The Sequel
Cynthia-Fire Emblem Awakening Support Conversations Fandub
Chihiro-Persona 3 Fandub
Marie and Saki-Persona 4 Fandub
Monofunny-Danganronpa V3 Anthology Dub
Princess Michelle- OHSHC Manga Dub
Platelet-Cells at Work! Manga Dub
Megumi-Digimon Data Squad Fandub
Fuuka Yamagishi-Persona 3 Movie Fandub
Rhyme and Reapers-The World Ends With You Fandub

Touko Fukawa/Genocider Syo-Danganronpa: The Abridged Series
Hikari Rodham Horaki-Neon Genesis Evangelion Abridged
Inkling Girl and Isabelle-Super Smash Bros Ultimate Abridged 

Fandub Groups:
Tenko Chabashira, Tsumugi Shirogane, and Seiko Kimura-SHSLVoices
Mikan Tsumiki and Komaru Naegi-DanganDubs
Ochaco Uraraka-UA Class 1A

Tumblr Blogs:
Kotoko Utsugi and Himiko Yumeno-Danganpocalypse (http://ask-danganpocalypse.tumblr.com/)
Mondo Oowada-Danganronpa Genderbent AskBlog (https://danganronpagbvoices.tumblr.com/)

Iako Uchiyama-Danganronpa Aftermath

Vi Rega-Danganronpa: Despair’s Repetition
Arata Kiyamoto-Danganronpa Shattered Hope
Chiyo Murato-Danganronpa In:ACT

Miaya Gekkogahara(Usami/Monomi)-Danganronpa 3 Future Side: Remade
Nana-Super Smash Sisters For Wii U 
Princess Peach-The Three Little Princesses Comic Dub
Bobble Hat-Splatoon Manga Dub Octo Expansion [CoroCoro]
Isabelle-A Smashin’ Good Time
Chie Satonaka and Nanako Dojima-Persona 4: The Phantom Within
Isabelle-Ultimate Party Episode 2


Due to me still being kind of young, you really don't have to pay me for voice overs. 



mikantsumikiwi(Danganpocalypse tumblr blog)

PresidentLeon and DanganYoung(Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Redub)

Kaede/TheKomahinafucker(Danganronpa V3 Anothology Fandub)

Adro(Danganronpa Trigger Happy Havoc:The Fandub)

Animelover895(Danganronpa Another Episode Manga Dub)


Kixionn(Danganronpa Shattered Hope)

Danganyoung(Danganronpa 3 Future Side Remade(Fan)

Sonora Productions(Danganronpa V3 Demo Fandub, Super Danganronpa Fandub: The Sequel and Danganronpa V3 One Off)
RedPhoenix15(Fire Emblem Awakening Support Conversations Fandub)
Lapis26619C(Danganronpa: Makai Mountain)
DRAftermathDev(Danganronpa Aftermath) 

Koizumi Maihiru(DanganDubs)

Ambi(Danganronpa: Despair’s Repetition)
sdcvoices(Danganronpa Genderbent Ask Blog)
Hikari no Uta(Persona 3+4 Fandubs)
KidKira(Super Smash Sisters for Wii U)
AliceTheVNMaker(The Three Little Princesses Comic Dub)
Seikyuu(Persona 5 Memeing All Night)
Galeforce1228(Fire Emblem Fates: Heirs of Fate Fandub)
Griefing_g0lem(Danganronpa In:ACT)
rainbowchu3(Persona 5 Valentine's Day Confessions)
PixelPie(SDR2 Fandub Group/Voices of Despair)
jxsama298(Danganronpa: The Abridged Series)
Cannacae(UA Class 1A)
CalebMakesSound(Neon Genesis Evangelion Abridged)
artsythesecond(OHSHC Manga Dub)

OnixSaga(Cells At Work! Manga Dub)
TJ Studio(Splatoon Manga Dub Octo Expansion [CoroCoro])

James Romero(A Smashin’ Good Time)
FFXV Wolflover(Persona 4: The Phantom Within)

SeannyBravo(Digimon Data Squad Fandub)

MaskedMetaKnight4(Ultimate Party Episode 2)
LilacLeah(Super Smash Bros Ultimate Abridged)
TheBurningFaith(Persona 3 Movie Fandub)
SeerofWords(The World Ends With You Fandub)


Quietlyy on Sep 03
Was a fellow voice actor

Just listening to her auditions and looking at her extensive project list, you will know why she deserves a recommendation. Every audition is breathtaking, and she is able to portray such a wide variety of characters to an amazing quality. :)

In addition, she is reliable, kind, and super fun to have on a project. She is so full of energy, and is definitely an asset to any project!

Atsuyo Matsu on Dec 16
Was a fellow voice actor

Nibblet is a very fun and super cheerful person to work with. She has a massive amazing list of voices she's done and can do, and still pursue's so many auditions and overall astounds me. She's definitely a va to look out for!

Game Bot 2000 on Mar 08
Received voice work

Nibblet is a really good actress! Her expressions are great, her voices are adorable, and she can audition for any project you can ask about! She can voice anybody, and she's so worth being recommended! Check her out if you have the time! ;)

Casting Calls and Auditons

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