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Howdy! My name's Aris and welcome to my casting calls page!

I've been a voice actor for over two years now with most of my roles being undertale or narration based. But I have been branching out lately! I mostly voice act for the fun of it, but I also do it for the experience and to meet new and interesting people! I'm very reliable to work with and I try to stay professional unless the situation calls for it differently. When I do work you can expect to get lines anywhere from one day to one week, depending on my availability at the time. But any and all lines I do are done ASAP!

I also most usually work off discord!!! Which you can find me under the username: Lunaris#2172

 In terms of my skills, I am a very large musician. I am a self taught piano and uke player but my main instruments are cello, bass, trumpet, baritone, and my voice. (I'm an alto) I also draw! Well, more of sketch...but... it's really only for fun and it's all traditional. The same goes for writing. I enjoy it and do it for fun but it's not something I take super seriously.

A little about me  
first and foremost, I am a huge nerd. Especially when it comes to MARVEL, My Little Pony, Steven Universe, The Umbrella Academy, She-Ra, Gotham, Gravity Falls, Undertale, and Doki Doki. If you ever want to geek out with someone over any of these topics, I'm your girl!

Something else that's important to note is my beliefs and identity. I won't get into anything super deep here, just a couple notes. I am an Atheist but I am completely open to others religions and beliefs. I respect them. Another thing is that I am pansexual, and I am currently in a wonderful relationship! I give this heads up so that if anyone takes issue, they can know beforehand. I like to make sure that everything is open and on the table for those interested in working with me!

Also! Complete side note but, I am currently a mentor to kitkatloverice. Please check her out if you haven’t already. She’s amazing.


I will always work for free, even if i do audition for a paid role. I am a voice actor that values the experience projects give me and as such seek nothing more.


Amazing groups I work with/for!

The Lavender Ladies
BrokenKey Studios
Stripped Sweater studios
Golden Flower Studios
The Radiant Fandub
Taco Productions
Doughnut Dubs
Undertale: The narrator's musical

Undertale the dub: revamped 
Retrospection Radio
The Nerds Corner
Ceragon dubs 
Sunset Studios
Moonlace Audio Dramas


"Lunaris is a great voice actor! She can do such a
good goat mom its amazing! She can turn in lines before deadlines and is
a fun person to work with! Definitely choose them for your projects!" -

''Lunaris agh!! Such a good friend and VA! You, you
great person, you are the reason I got cast for my first project and I
thank you for it VERY MUCH. All of you love this human being!! She's
great! agh!!!!!!! '' -

Casting Calls and Auditons

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