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Voice Actor
Video Editor
  • Skills
    Soprano (G3-F6)
    Acting/Voice Acting
    Piano (a little)
  • Genders
  • Languages
    Japanese (some_
    French (some)
  • Ages
    Young Adult
  • Accents
    Received Pronunciation
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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hello! My name's Lucie, luciepurr coming from my love of cats and puns, and i'm always ready to show some cat pics!

I'm an aspiring voice actor looking to build experience and improve my skills here, and meet like-minded friends in the community as well! While I tend to gravitate on my own to fandoms I'm familiar with, I'm open to anything I might fit! I prefer communicating through discord, but can also do so through skype and through CCC itself if preferred.

I've currently found myself in a few different projects, listed below, and hope to fill my part soon as I can around my fairly lenient schedule. Perks of being a freelancer!

I've been trained in Stanislavsky, Meisner, and Chekov acting methods, and graduated manga cume laude with a degree in performance theatre.


I currently don't have any set rates, as I'm focusing on building my portfolio and expanding my skills, so pricing for anything paid is open to negotiation based on budget, line, and any other factors that might weight in.


Current ongoing projects, organized by type. Each project listed from newest to oldest within its respective category. 


Director: HeyItsQueri2

Project Title: My Love Story

Status: Active

Role: Nanako Yamazaki

Director: Amamiya

Project Title: Fire Emblem: Heirs of Fates

Status: Active

Role: Ophelia

Director: CrashStar

Project Title: Ys Celceta

Status: Active

Role: Leeza

Director: TheBasicDubs

Project Title: Fire Emblem: Awakening Support Conversations 

Status: On Hold

Role: Cynthia

Director: kel

Project Title: Fire Emblem: Fates 

Status: On Hold

Role: Soleil, Sophie

Director: RioDecade96

Project Title: Fire Emblem: Fates 

Status: On Hold

Role: Sakura

Director: SilverSoul

Project Title: Fire Emblem Support & Comics

Status: Active

Role: Olivia, Maribelle, female Morgan, Corrin, misc. females

Director: Pym

Project Title: Fire Emblem: Fates

Status: Lines submitted, finishing

Role: Azura

Director: SetytheWindSage, TheProtagonist

Project Title: Fire Emblem: Blazing Blade

Status: Lines submitted, finishing

Role: Ninian


Director: Iornhide132

Project Title: Romeo and Juliet, No Fear Shakespeare 

Status: Active

Role: Juliet Capulet

Director: Joanna

Project Title: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New Era fanfiction

Status: Active

Role: Colette Brunel


Casting Calls and Auditons

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