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Hello everyone my name Is Joseph Hynes I have been voice acting dated back to 2006 on projects that are not on YouTube anymore mainly Sonic Projects. I always have loved having the ability to "let your voice be heard" It gives me an advantage to try and get roles from people who need the role of the character every audition I do ON site ANYWHERE is 100% me giving it my all no matter what it would to just get the role. My game is Sonic The Hedgehog and favorite video game character of all time I always look for the role of Sonic and Shadow when it comes to that franchise. No matter what franchise it is if it interests me I will go for it I mostly want to land Stop Motions, Plush Series's , Animation or at the very least something I enjoy as a whole. I want to reach out to people who want to make it in voice acting as well ! All in all I want to take this road and give it everything I got, My Favorite ALL TIME characters are Vegeta from DragonBall Z and of course The Ultimate Lifeform Shadow The Hedgehog I love both of them because they inspire me to be who I am and what I am they are my childhood along with other awesome characters like Scorpion from Mortal Kombat and Kazuya Mishima from Tekken I love voice acting and I love all of you If you need someone with a lot of energy and fast line submits I am you're guy have fun acting and Sayanora..!


I don't usually like pricing but you could if you really want to.


Goten - Voice of Goku and Vegeta
Alyssa Mireles - Voice of Sonic and Shadow
DonkeyDude VA - (Ask the Tails Doll Live stream Q and A's) - Shadow The Hedgehog
Cyril Smith - Shadow The Hedgehog
Lucas Bradley - Vegeta (DBZ Budokai Fandub)
Kid Jayden - (DBZ Bloodlines Saga) - Son Goku and Vegeta
Andre Ortiz (MrGojira95) - Shadow The Hedgehog
The FanDub Projects( SuperLink115) - (Plush Series) Sonic The Hedgehog, Shadow The Hedgehog and Sonic.EXE
Ask The Chaos Crew - Metal Sonic
JigglyKing20 - Bowser
SPD64 - Shadow The Hedgehog (Comic Dub)
Floyd McLean [Knuckles85} - Sonic The Hedgehog
TeamInfinite - Son Goku
SuperdbzHPfan - Vegeta
SuperChaos98 - Shadow The Hedgehog
Nolan Fultz - Shadow The Hedgehog

These are some of the people I worked with in the past and working with now
they are all amazing and you should check them out


Casting Calls and Auditons

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