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Voices of Melody!

Hello! My name is Melody and I'm 22 years of age. My goals are very ambitious as I want to be one of the best vocalists you ever heard (wow that sounds so cheesy and I don't even regret it). I love story-telling and I do my best to represent the roles that I am given, I'm also very easy to work with. Though I have little experience, I have plenty of determination and passion to counter it! When it comes down to it, I do have a few skills to offer. (P.S. I draw when I can and deviantArt is another good place for news.)

Click me for ART!

Official Website

Vocal Range: In terms of vocal range, I think I have a solid range. I can go from a cutesy pixie-type voice to a seductive mistress, to a decrepit old hag to a dominant voice to an androgynous over-the-top voice to a typical heroine voice. If you don't believe me, just check out my character-voice reel! It doesn't have fancy effects or music but that's because I want people to -hear- my voice and that alone. (Also, I'm a cheapo and haven't gotten around to making an updated voice reel, tehe, it's going to happen though).

Acting: While I have a lot to learn and a lot of experience to gain, I am pretty confident in my acting capabilities. I pour a lot of emotion and thought into the roles I get and audition for and hope the projects I'm in will reflect that well. My goal is to make you feel, relate and be entertained of course!

Singing: I was singing before voice-acting. I don't have a fancy background of being in theatre or being trained by the best of the best teachers. But I have a natural singing ability that I "inherited" from my mother who used to be a competitive opera singer who still sings to this day (I've been singing since I was literally 5)! But one of my personal traits with singing is that I sing in the voice of my character. If you're having me voice a grandmother, I will sing using my grandmother voice and will continue to carry the tune. You want me to be a cutesy squeaker and sing? I'll do that too! Want me to sing jazz? Blues? Rock? Alternative? Even Opera? (Okay, this one might take a wee-bit more practice tehe, I got the range but you need some amazing technique for this one) Gotcha buddy! (Another reel I'll be adding eventually)

Perfectionist and Passionate and DRIVEN: I know this might be silly to list but I think it's important for folk to know that I will not stop until you and I are both satisfied with what I've given. I will never stop trying to improve in whatever way I can. Be it sound quality, acting, singing and my voices. I don't want to be known for being an "okay" voice actress. I want to be considered one of the best (Pokemon anyone?) and gosh darnet, it's going to happen! If I earn a part, you best believe I'm going put my all into it and more...

Wow, you actually read all of that? Thanks so much for taking the time to check out my page and read about me! It's very much appreciated and I look forward to working with you! (Hopefully :'D)


Prices are completely negotiable with me! It's going to depend on the project, how long it'll take, what I have to do and what roles I get of course. Let's discuss!



Casting Calls and Auditons

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