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Emily | 17 | NJ 

Hello there! I'm a visually impaired voice actress, as well as a rapper and singer (though I'm not as confident in the latter). I usually audition for any project that catches my eye or just looks interesting in general! 

I've been voice acting for about 4 years now, though it took 2 years for me to really start taking my hobby a lot more seriously. I hope to be able to lend my voice to the projects that interest me, though if you'd like me to voice in something of yours, please don't hesitate to ask! 

Discord - garbageGothic#3462


As of now, I'm just working for free, though it would be nice to be paid for this in the future!


2GS Boot Legged - Asuna

Bonfire Cow - Frain Gush
CMRB - Ruby

C_Squint - D.Va (123), Kyoko Kirigiri

Calmer Chameleons - Simone Silence (starts at 6:30)

Dangancast: The Last Laugh - Nori Hisano

Danganrebirth-voices - Maiko Kagura (123456)

Danganronpa vs. Anything - D.Va

Drfluffvoices - Tenko Chabashira (12), Misc. Roles

EddieFRB - Monika

Freshy Kanal - Alice

HyperJacob96 - Lucina

Mbunnyj/Paper Roses - Mei Haruka, Sun Matsui, Kya Ishida 

SeannyBravo - Aoi AsahinaToko Fukawa

Siricha Spicy - Tenko Chabashira (123)
Skeep☆Tieel - Yuno GasaiMaki NishikinoEleven
Somniatica - Ikuno

The Voice Tiers - Jade Harley
TMFilly/The Jaceboat Network - Asami Yoshino, Jade Harley (123456), Kanaya Maryam, Kanon Nakagawa (12), Suwgeon, Terezi Pyrope (12)
TunaTic - Dendy
UBERocity - Gardevoir

TricolorStar/Skins+ - SG Poppy

VinnyO - Yuri

X Rap Battles - Eleven


"I hope you know, you're easily in the ranks of the top five best voice actors I know and I have 100% confidence that considering you've got the level of range, dedication to roles, passion for the field, and just sheer voice-acting talent that you do at the age of fifteen, you can do whatever the hell you want with regard to voice acting as a career or not."

"Emily's talent is evident, and her range is astounding. She is skilled in multiple forms of musical talent such as singing, rapping, and even playing the harp, and if you have a role that you need, she will likely know the character, as she is really in touch with pop culture and as such will portray them accurately. She is a joy to work with, being very polite and will usually be very flexible and open towards any sort of tole you have in mind. She is very vigilant about responding and actually accomplishing in a timely manner and she also happens to be a great friend. I would highly recommend Em to anyone looking for quality female voice acting!"

"Emily's voice always makes me really happy, idk what it is."

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Casting Calls and Auditons

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