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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen that have for some reason, decided to visit my lonely profile!

My name is Emma, but I go by my online alias HeyItzAPotato. I'm an aspiring voice actor and singer like most people on this website. I enjoy Animations, Musicals, VOLTRON, Minecraft Roleplays. I have voice acted in CraftySimmer’s "RoseGateLife" (You should check it out. It’s a cool series. :))  ).  I one day want to become a professional voice actor or singer and maybe even pursue either of them as my career. Anyways, if you have any questions and i'm NOT on my Casting Call, you can DM me on the Social Medias, Platforms, and Emails available on the bottom of this section. Thank you! 


     How old are you?
I am 15. I can do roles that are older or younger than my age.

  • What is your name?

  • My name is Emma. It's nice to meet you!

  • How long have you been voice acting?

  • About 2 years at least as a decent guess.

    What emotions can you portray?
    I can yell, cry, scream in fear, be happy, and i'm working on the psychotic. :>

    What is your voice age range?
    I can pull off Younger Children (Ages 3-11), Younger and Older Teens (12-17), and sometimes Young Adults (18-24.)
    (I've been a mom once kek.)

  • What Microphone and Programs do you use? 

  • I use a USB Blue Yeti Mic and I use Audacity to record, edit, and clean up my audio.

    What is your time zone?
    (Eastern Standard Time)

    When are you available?
    During the school year almost everyday after 4:00pm EST.
    In the Summer, i'm available unless i'm on Vacation!

    Can you be in my project?
    Depends on what it is you'd like me to play and what the project is about!
    (I'll probably end up joining anyways because I like to help.)


I'm not always on my CCC so DM me somewhere else!

Discord: HeyItzAPotato#5518

Skype: It doesn't work, apologies.

Gmail: [email protected](insert that gmail lol)

YouTube: HeyItzAPotatoVA

Instagram: @heyitzapotato

Twitter: @HeyItzAPotato


I don't really want to be paid at the moment. I don't think i'm that good yet ^-^



(Dreamy-Kun) High School (A Minecraft Roleplay)- Julia 

(Tanner) Dark Times/Good Times (A Minecraft Roleplay)- Danielle

(CraftySimmer) RoseGateLife (A Minecraft Roleplay)- Rose

In Production
 (BurningChaos) Tales of Astoria (A Minecraft Roleplay)- Rookie 1 (That has no name as of now.)
Red Riding Hood (A Minecraft Roleplay)- Prudence

(YourPalDal) Aftershock Engima (A Minecraft Roleplay) - Samantha Harvey 
Maze Runner (Minecraft Roleplay) - Commander Ace Fletcher

(JustJo) Nova Academy (A Minecraft Roleplay)- Olivia

(HeyItzAPotato) Surviving Pernrith (A Minecraft Roleplay) - Audrey Sawyer

(MooMooMystic) Minecraft: Danganronpa: Child's Play - Felicity Smith (The Ultimate Transfer Student)

(CraftySimmer) Rose Gate High: Reloaded - Camila 

On Hiatus
(UniNerd) Clearwater High (MinECraFT ROlEPlaY)- Oceana

(missleonachan) A Cursed World (Minecraft Roleplay ;-;)- Sage Wind-Shadow

 (SuperStars) Magician of The Past (A Minecraft Roleplay)- Shira Anastasia 

[CANCELED, 2 EPISODES] (Lanna) Novalight High (Minecraft Roleplay)- Oceana

[CANCELED, 1 EPISODE] (QuakeTerra) Astrium (Another, Minecraft Roleplay.)- Skylar



Casting Calls and Auditons

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