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Hate ads? You could always use adblocker. Or make CCC even better by going Gold

Hi! I'm Gabi, and I love to help out where I can when it comes to voice acting and music!

I have been a voice actor for many years, and would like to continue on to find better and better projects out there! I currently work on my own channel, Apartment Complex, but I am interested in collaborating with others as well! 


I mostly work for fun when I can, but I wouldn't mind being paid what a director sees fit for my performance.


Voice Acting 

Spitfire - The Vinyl Scratch Tapes - Featherfall Studios
Jacyln Dean - Various Audioplays - Apartment Complex
Tess - Bang Bang - The Basic Pitches 
Sarah - The Daniel Tapes - Ecopper
Artemis - Epsilon Escape Room 
Jen Laurens - Hamilton Genderbend - MeltdownL0v3r
Summer - Stray Cat Crossing - Featherfall Studios
Gabi - Girls Night, Monster Prom - Featherfall Studios

Alexandra Hamilton - Genderbent Hamilton AU - Laizyboy and Apartment Complex
Jaclyn Dean - Various Audioplays - Apartment Complex 
Heather McNamara - Candy Store - Apartment Complex
Participant and Mentor - Youtube Idol Seasons 3, 4, 5, and 5.5 - P3Shows
Participant in P4Shows 
Gabi - Taylor The Latte Boy and Response - Ecopper
Zoe Murphy - Dear Evan Hansen Cover - Ecopper
Ensemble - Holy Musical [email protected] - Charito
Belle - Beauty and the Beast - Redvineslover
The Squip - Be More Chill (Musical Cover) - SaucyBoi
Ensemble - Hamilton Genderbend Project - MeltdownL0v3r
Ensemble - Right Hand Man Hamilton - Featherfall Studios
Elphaba/Gabi - What Is This Feeling? - MeltdownL0v3r
Chorus - Defending Theater Rap - Ecopper

Apartment Complex

Project - Featherfall Studios
Unnamed Short Film - Featherfall Studios
Audioplays - Apartment Complex 
The Library In Texas by Loch-Nessie -Apartment Complex
VA Shorts - Apartment Complex
Tales of Chaos 

Sound Designer 
The Library in Texas - Apartment Complex

Video Editing 
Apartment Complex


Tess was a blessing to work with. She gave me the script, sat down went over the character and the lines in a call as we recorded them to make sure I gave her the exact delivery she wanted. It was one of the best directions I've gotten in a long time.

On top of this she helped manage a singing group with me involved in it, she was on point with her organization and helped us to be clear, boosted our potential and helped us overcome any obstacles stopping us from being our very best. 

-EmiLeah, Founder of FeatherFall Studios

Casting Calls and Auditons

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