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Hello, My Name is Fang.
I am a 15 year old Female that wants to go to college
for Art and Animation as well as dabble with Acting and Voice Acting.
I am not the most confident when it comes to my voice but I am willing to lend it to others if they find it fitting.
Though i am rather young i often get along better with people older then me.
I have been drawing ever since i can remember, but as far as voice acting goes I use to mimic characters I saw on movies and TV when i as younger, but only in 2016 did i decide to try out voice acting for real.
My voice has matured a lot since 2016 and I like to think i have a pretty good range when it comes to voices. 
I enjoy singing but i only do it alone and i will not sing in front others though i was in choir 5th-7th grade when i was in public school, i am now home schooled and only sing to my self.

I love Anime/Manga and am a huge dweeb,my favorite Animes/Mangas are
Black Butler, Blue Exorcist, Servamp, and Noragami.
I also love japan and its culture and one day hope to visit and go to college there.
I am an Artist and Writer and also play around with YouTube,i have no desire to "blow up" on the internet but i do want others to read and watch my creations.
I created a world called Maverizik which majority of my stories take place, i have big plans for Mave. One day me and my friend hope to make a game centered around our worlds,i also am working on a comic as a bit of a more insight to the world of Mave and its characters.
I created Mave and its universe so long ago i cant even recall it.

All i have for equipment is my Computer and IPad mic but i will be getting a better mic here soon. 
If you're curios my DeviantArt is Fang-Kurokumura and if you want to contact me my Discord is Fang Kurokumura#8458 
Thanks for reading! <3


I work for free as long as i am given credit for my voice.



Casting Calls and Auditons

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