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Hello everyone! My name is Jamie Lopez, otherwise known under the alias of EbonyTails (but please, call me Jamie or Ebony/Ebbs!). I have been interested in voice acting specifically, because of the inspiration drawn from the show My Little Pony, where I would attempt to imitate the voices of the different main characters, Fluttershy being my best one. So, I set out to join various projects, may it be fandubs, comic dubs, audio books, or original fan-made animations. Eventually, moving on from just doing impressions to doing impressions that actually emotion and the act of acting in them, and I got better over time, even including the singing factor in. I'm not perfect just yet, but I want to prove that I am able to act just as much as I can put up a silly voice. So here I am, looking for new projects to join, probably more original ones.

Besides voice acting I'm good with the pencil or tablet pen and dabble in Digital Art!
YES, I can sing! If your character needs singing roles filled, I can happily fill that! I have been doing voice lessons since the age of 6 (2006), and I can make up harmony on the go by myself if you need that as well. I can't read notes too well so an auditory example (if it's an original song) would be appreciated!

You can find me on these places, besides the Social Media List on the left side!

|| Tumblr || DeviantArt || SoundCloud || BehindTheVoiceActors ||

If you need to reach my send me a message !

Please Read:

HELLO so I don't go on here much. A lot of people would message me and I would fail to reply fast enough. If you want me to audition for something or want to hire me, ALWAYS message my tumblr FIRST! If not, I do check my e-mail at least once a week.

CCC Doesn't allow listing your e-mail publicly, so scroll to the bottom of my contact page on tumblr, thank you! Do not expect me to reply to you on devinatArt.



A list of people I've voiced for are who are still making content today are the following:

There are more but they're kind of inactive.


Casting Calls and Auditons

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