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About EbonyTails

Hey there! I'm EbonyTails. They/Them. 23 years old.

I've been interested in voice acting ever since my early days in the My Little Pony fandom but I've been properly voice acting since 2014. While I am known for my impressions, I'm more than just an impersonator.

Besides voice acting, I'm an artist! I mainly do digital art.

I can sing!

I've been doing voice lessons since the age of 6 (2006), and I can make up harmonies on the spot if you need that. I can't read notes very well so an auditory example or karaoke (if it's an original song) would be appreciated!

I do not do NSFW projects.

My timezone is GMT +8.
I live in the Philippines and I am Filipino.

Please Read:

  • HELLO! So I don't go on here much. A lot of people would message me and I would fail to reply fast enough. If you want me to audition for something or want to hire me as fast as possible, DM me on twitter first! Though feel free to add me on discord.

  • If not, I do check my e-mail at least once a week. Do not contact me through deviantArt!

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Discord: EbonyTails#9295
*Only contact add me if it's important or if we're working together

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  • @brandonthebronypony

    I highly recommend EbonyTails! She voiced Rainbow Dash and Applejack for a Christmas audio, and she did an AMAZING job! For anyone looking for an RD or Applejack VA, look no further than her! Her voicework is top notch!