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 Hi, I'm Candice! Welcome to my page!

Feel free to check out my youtube channel by clicking here, for a playlist of all my previous/current works!

I have been collaborating with content creators for 8 years,
I have mostly done fan projects for My Little Pony and am very familiar with the recording/editing process, reaching deadlines, keeping in contact with the cast & crew, and having fun while doing it!

Check out my "Client" list below, for some links to my completed projects

I can use Skype, Discord and emails to keep in contact

I look forward to working with you for your very special project!

My friends like to call me Candy, I am 20 years old, Australian, 
but apparently after watching too much American TV -
I grew up with an American accent

I love cartoons, tea, superheroes, disney, singing, Star Wars, the high ground
Doctor Who, Voltron, Musicals, Sonic, My Little Pony, and all that good, wibbly-wobbly nerdy stuff!
And most of all, I believe in God :)


Standard: Voluntary, Free

(Fan projects or original creations; non-exclusive)

Paid Work:
Negotiable. Subject to Author's budget.
CCC prides itself on building a community where people may explore their passions for free

- My name accredited in your works

- A written recommendation to help boost my profile 


Here is a list of some of my recent / favourite works!
(Best viewed in Chrome, at 100% zoom)

Director/Channel:                   Title:                                        Role:

Ashley H                                     "Remembrance"                   Twilight, Luna, (speaking)
                                                      (Audio Drama)                     The Nightmare (lead villain)

DonkeyDude                             "Sonic Mania Plus 

                                                      Mighty and Ray!"                  Tails
                                                      (Animatic Dub)

"IDW's Sonic the                     
        Hedgehog - Issue#1"            Tails
(Full Issue dub)                     

Magpiepony                              "Pinkie Tales
                                                      Egghead & the Beast"        Sparkelle (lead)
                                                      (Audio Drama Parody)

                                                     "Lullaby for a Princess"        Baby Luna 
                                                      (Motion Comic)

                                                      "MLP: The Movie -            
                                                       As told by Babies"                Baby Twilight
                                                       (Motion Comic)

DeadJosey                                  "The Incredi-Buh

             Journey: Part 7 "                    Marill
(Nekoama Poke Dub)          

Krayt Dragon Films                  "Obi-Wan & Anakin
               - Issue #2"                             Kolara
  (Full Issue Dub)                    

WindLightHub                           "Persona 4 - 
                               Kanji Chases the                 Aika Nakamura
                                 Investigation Team"          (Motor Cycle Girl)
(Anime Fandub)                 

TheLostNarrator                       "I Will Go Down 
                                                       With this Ship"                     Princess Luna
                                                       (Fic Reading)

                                                      "Appletini Sour"                     Twilight
                                                       (Comic Dub)

OCAguys                                      "WAR!"                                      Ms. Pauling
                                                       (Comic Dub)

D.E Morris                                    "Harbinger"                            Cheerilee, Luna
                                                        (Audio Drama)


Ashley H (via twitter - click name for full tweet)
"Just a small reminder that Chippa (voice of Twilight and Luna in Remembrance) actually ran into a door during recording to get that actual "authenticity for a scene." Gosh I love my cast so much."

Magpiepony (via twitter - following a comic dub, requiring duck noises)

"No one can quack quite like you my dear~"
TheLostNarrator (via youtube comment)
"You, my dear, have one of the most show accurate Twilight and Luna voices I've EVER heard. And you can act! I'm just super impressed! I wish you the best in whatever projects you pursue! :)"

Casting Calls and Auditons

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